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The Destiny of Little Dick 2006 Complete: Serial Rated: XXX-I
At a young age, little dick goes to live with his cruel Aunty and her two daughters, only to suffer humilation and a descent into a chastised feminised slave. The process takes time, and this is the first in a continuing saga. This episode concerns his first day in the hands of Aunt Sophie and her sadistic daughters, who use him as a biological specimin to demonstrate how to control and defeat the male. CBT, feminisation, panty worship, humiliation, authoritarian, and much more to come.

Age: Pre-Teen to Adult AP     Categories: Age Progression, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Femdom/ Authoritarian, Girl's School, Physically Forced or Blackmailed     Keywords: Bondage, Chastity Belts, Extreme Body Piercing, Hormones, School Girl

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A New Education For The Modern Woman 2007 Complete: Yes Rated: XXX-I
A work of fiction in which Sam, our little hero, is transformed and the girls of his school learn important lessons in how to make a new world order.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Age Progression, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Bondage, Crossdressing/TV, Femdom/ Authoritarian, Girl's School, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Sexual Punishment, The Operation     Keywords: Bondage, Castration, Chastity Belts, School Girl

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