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WARNING!!!! This story contains graphic descriptions of illicit sexual activities between adults and minors from the minor heroine’s point of view and is rated XXX. If you feel you would find this material offensive, or are underage, PLEASE, read no further.

This is my first attempt at including magical transformation as part of my storyline. It is also part one of a story that is taking me ages to write. All comments and suggestions will be warmly received. Please, post them, or email them to me at .

Special thanks goes out to my Cyber Auntie and Editor, Alyssa Davis, who is constantly admonishing me that my talents would be better demonstrated in "G" rated pursuits. Soon Auntie dear, soon!


The Feminization Of Prissy Petra

Part One

By Sissy Priscilla Valentine


Chapter One

"A Slave Is Born"


>>DADDYMAN: Are you alone?

>>PRETTYPETRA: Yes Daddy…. I’m wearing what you asked. giggle] I stole my sister’s pink training bra and her silk pink babydoll and matching skimpy panties! They feel sooooo nice on my skin…. I wish you could see me!

>>DADDYMAN: Oh, I can imagine how pretty you are! Your little clitty must be all stiff and aching! I want you to stroke it slowly as you read what comes next, so be a good little girl for Daddy, OK Petra?

>>PRETTYPETRA: OOOOOO yesssss DADDY!!!!! [giggle]

>>DADDYMAN: Honey, I know how much you want to be a pretty little girl. Daddy is very rich and I’ve decided to help you be the girl of your dreams!!!! I know you can’t do it living at home, but I have a plan that will make sure you never have to live like a yucky little boy again!!

But I will require that you trust me, and obey every instruction I give you, are you willing to do this for me and be a good little girl for Daddy?

>>PRETTYPETRA: If it means I can leave here, and REALLY be a pretty little girl, I promise I’ll be good and do anything you say!!!!

.>>DADDYMAN: OK sweetheart, I trust you. Now, read this very carefully…


Hi! My name is, or; WAS Peter. The Internet chat above was with a cyber daddy I’d met in a chat room online. My real dad was dead, and my bitch ass mother was a drunk living on SSI, Food Stamps, and AFDC, which enabled my sister and I to stay in school. I’d won the laptop I was using and the Internet service provider in a poetry contest at school.

I’d always been sooooo jealous of my beautiful sexy sister, who was a year older than I, and was the sexiest blonde 15-year-old in our school. I longed to be as pretty and as sexy a girl as she! Fate and nature had screwed that shit up. She and I’d never been close and as most of my schoolmates, she considered me to be nothing more than a sissy dweeb!

I had chatted with this man for almost a year, and learned to trust him even if I didn’t know his name…. He understood me and accepted and encouraged my feminine desires. I had virtually become his "little girl"! He’d sent me pictures of ravishingly pretty teenage Shemales dressed in sexy lingerie and making love with older, very hung men! I confided in him my deepest secrets and strong desires to be a real girl for him and have him make love to me!

Now it seemed my dreams were about to come true!

A few days later I received an envelope in the mail containing a key. After emailing him that I was on my way, I slipped my laptop into its case and slung it over my slender shoulder. I slipped out of our mobile home easily that Saturday as my sister was out, playing with friends, and Ma, as usual, was passed out. I didn’t even bother to leave those hateful bitches a note!

I headed for the bus station and to the locker my key would open. Glancing around for onlookers I then opened it to find a pink canvas gym bag inside! Leaving the key in the open locker door, I headed down the street to the gas station and got the key to the men’s room. Having entered the stinky latrine I locked the door behind me & set down my parcels. I began stripping out of my hated boy’s clothes for the last time in my life. I never regretted tossing them into the trash can there!

I held my breath and trembled with anticipation as I slowly unzipped my new pretty pink gym bag. I squealed with delight as I saw what was inside! I couldn’t believe my luck as I lifted from it the most delicate, beautiful pair of pink silk and white lace ruffled rumba panties I’d ever seen in my life! And the best part about it was they were all MINE!!!!

I quivered with excitement and my dainty hands trembled as I slowly stepped into my treasured juvenile little panties and drew them up the silky smooth legs I’d so thoroughly "Nair-ed" the previous night. I wiggled into the form-fitting garment, stretching them tautly over my curvaceously girlish buttocks and round bony little hips, gasping with pleasure as the material instantly drove my tiny hairless baby clit into a minuscule but painfully throbbing erection that strained sinfully against the incredibly sensuous fabric! I caressed my firm little butt-cheeks, hips, and clitty through the wonderfully exciting silk and ruffled lace of the very first panties of my very own!

I was overjoyed to discover that the next item within was a gorgeous matching stretch silk, lace, and elastic pull -over training bra, thoughtfully pre-filled by my new benefactor with realistic "AA" cup silicone breast forms that had very erect nipples! I pulled it over my head and wiggled it into place, checking out my pretty new body in the mirror as I positioned the forms just right. Oh GAWD I was starting to look sooooo HOT!!!!

Next inside were opaque rose-patterned hot pink stockings that came up just over my knees with a wide white heart patterned lace flounce that fell well below the elastic stay-up bands that topped them. The flounces of both stockings were decorated with a hot pink satin bow in front matching the color of the girlie stockings.

I hurriedly reached for the next garment…. It was a childishly sissified scarlet red romper with zips running from the side hems up to my bare, haved underarms… It had a high neck heart patterned white lace Peter Pan collar with a big red bow in front, and matching wide white lace trimming at the sleeves and hi-cut leg openings also adorned with dainty red bows. It fit tightly, visibly displaying the lines of my ruffled panties and training bra, and the contours of my adorable new pre-teen sized breasts! A big clip-on pink satin bow topped my boyishly cut hair and pink satin Mary-Jane’s with white lace bows slipped on my pretty feet. Hot glossy-pink glitter lipstick and a pink leather shoulder bag completed my outfit… I was definitely more girlish in appearance, but my outfit still screamed "SISSY-BOY!" to anyone about to see me, which was just the effect my new Daddy intended I have on any of my observers today.

I stuffed my laptop into my gym bag, retrieved the perfume from my purse, and doused myself as heavily as a French whore with it. Leaving the key in the bathroom, I slung both my purse and gym bag over my shoulders and sashayed down the street, eliciting catcalls and wolf whistles from both the men and women who passed me by; "Awww look at the pwetty widdle SISSY!"…"FAGGOT!"…"Hey PINKY!" But I stuck my nose and chin up in the air like the defiant little girl I felt, and continued to swish my way along to my destination.

Daddy would be sooooo proud!

The beachside open-air ice cream parlour was deserted save for a couple of sexy bikini-clad teen girls at the furthest table from the bar and the sole teenage employee manning the bar itself. I timidly sashayed up to her and squeaked out a nervous order for a double-dip cone of cherry peppermint ice cream. She laughed at me with her eyes as she took the money I fumbled for in the coin pocket of my purse, and giggling, handed me my cone saying, a little too loudly "Here’s your ice cream pretty GIRL!"

I thanked her quietly and minced to my pre-ordained table, and as I did, the girls watching me giggled too, whispering to each other, pointing at me and giggling again. I was sooooo embarrassed I blushed hotly but this was my new chance in life and I wasn’t gonna let a little humiliation fuck it up!

I locked eyes with my handsome Nordic looking hunk of a new Daddy, clad only in red Speedo’s. My mouth watered as I watched him walk toward me from up the beach. I soaked in every detail of his chiseled features, his longish sun-bleached blond hair, his rippling hard body, and his well packed Speedo’s!

As instructed, I lustfully licked my ice cream as he approached. Careful not to smear my lipstick I daintily used my tongue to carve it into the unmistakable shape of a large penis! I licked the head teasingly as he neared my table. My heart pounded as I rose to greet him. Standing my cone on the table I rose to face him, smiled and curtseyed perfectly, then threw my slender arms around his neck and kissed him!

He wrapped his steel muscled arms around me and pulled me to him, feeding me his tongue as he grabbed my girlish buttocks and, squeezing them, ground his hardness into my belly!

All three of the girls looked on, spellbound by the sight they were witnessing; a studly young Nordic god kissing his prissy new sissy-boy! Our audience would stay for a while, and so would we. Nobody was calling 911.

We broke off our kiss and I said "Hi Daddy!" in my girlishly trained voice, projecting so our audience could hear.

"Hi Princess Petra! " he replied, smiling lovingly, "Have you been a good little girl?"

"OOOOOO YES Daddy! See?" I giggled, breaking free of his arms to twirl to and fro, girlishly before him in my little sissy outfit. My audience at the nearby table burst into a fit of giggles. I blushed hotly but managed to keep smiling sweetly at him.

‘Yes I do! You’re a very pretty little girl!" Daddy praised. "Daddy’s presents fit you so nice!"

"Thanks Daddy! And thank you for my pretty presents!" I squealed, kissing him again. He sat down in my chair and patted his lap, bidding me silently to climb up onto it.

With one hand he picked up my cock-shaped ice cream and held it near my mouth and with the other he pulled my dainty little hand over to rest on the massive bulge in his Speedo’s!!! I gasped quietly but squeezed it tightly, and giggling made a sexy show of licking my ice cream for him and the watching teenage girls. I stroked and fondled the first dick I had ever played with but my own!

"Gawd!’ One of the girls exclaimed. "And I thought I was a slut!"

I locked eyes with them and teasingly lapped at my ice cream Daddy still held up for me. As I still stroked his throbbing manhood inside his Speedo’s, he bent to nibble and lick my soft perfumed neck.

"MMMMMM you smell NICE little girl!" Daddy whispered in my ear, sticking his tongue inside! I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, whimpering as he nibbled and licked my throat……

"Oh thank you Daddy! I LOVE you!" I squealed, loudly enough to be heard up and down the beach, planting my lips back on his and sucking his tongue into my mouth.

As we broke off our kiss, a long stretch white limo pulled up in front of the parlour and I reluctantly slid down off of Daddy’s lap. He handed me my purse and gym bag, which I slung over my shoulder, letting him take my little hand in his. As he led me toward the waiting car, I turned, winked, and waved girlishly at the teenage girls still at their table. Their mouths hung open in shock and jealousy…they knew I was fixing to get more cock than they’ve ever seen! I giggled to myself as I knew it too, and skipped playfully alongside my Daddy, wiggling my pretty butt as I pranced along.

A handsome, uniformed, well-muscled black man, who gave me a knowing smile as I preceded Daddy into the luxurious automobile, admitted us to the limo. Sitting across from us was one of the most beautiful 16-year-old blondes I’d ever seen! Her clinging mini dress was of shiny black leather, and her black silk stockings sheathed perfectly formed legs, that disappeared into the 4" black patent stiletto heels she wore. She had the same piercing smoky blue eyes that Daddy did. Her wetly slick scarlet red lips were full, pouty, and inviting. Her make-up gave her a look that said, "I am in control here!" Her waist length hair had been drawn back into a high tight ponytail secured with three black scrunchies, drawing attention to her high-cheeked, supermodel beauty.

"Prissy Petra, this is your new big sister, Tasha! She’ll help you learn how to be a good and pretty Daddy’s girl!"

Tasha extended her arm, sheathed in an opera-length black latex glove, and curled the back of her hand upward toward my lips. I obediently kissed my teen goddess’s hand, and said meekly "I’m pleased to meet you Tasha!"

"That’s Mistress Tasha, little sister!" She barked.

I jumped back in my seat fearfully and Daddy laughed heartily. "Now be a good little girl and do everything she says, Prissy Petra…. Remember, naughty little girls get their pretty little bottoms spanked!"

"Don’t worry little girl, just do as I tell you and you’ll have nothing to fear, do you understand me?" Tasha intoned.

"Yes Mistress Tasha, I’ll do whatever you say!" I promised.

"Mistress Tasha will be taking you for a makeover, fittings, and on a wonderful shopping spree, Prissy Petra!" Daddy announced, smiling broadly. "As she brings you home she’ll start your training, and when she’s done giving you your lessons for the day, Daddy will test you to see how much you’ve learned. Would you like that honey?"

"I can’t WAIT, Daddy!" I giggled "Just you wait, I promise I’ll be a good little girl for you!"

The limo pulled into the semi-circular drive of the local luxury hotel, and the chauffeur opened the door for my departing Daddy.

Daddy turned to me and kissed me on my pretty pink lips.

"While you’re having you’re your first day’s lessons, I’ll be flying home…. Ivan will be along to bring you to the airport when you girls are done, and you’ll be flown home together in my private jet! Won’t that be fun?!?"

"Yes! B-B-But Daddy?"

Yes, sweetie?"

"I-I- I’ve never flown before…. I’m scared!"

"Oh don’t be such a faggot, Petra!" Mistress Tasha barked. "We’ll be just fine! It’ll be fun!"

Daddy nodded his assurances and kissed me again, pinching my little boner through my sissified romper and sensuous panties, then reluctantly broke away to exit the car.

I watched his firm butt lustfully as he departed into the hotel lobby, and as the car left I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! Everything was happening so fast! I couldn’t believe my good fortune!

"Okay you little slut, " began Mistress Tasha "it’s obvious to me and everyone else you’re a boy!" Tasha spat. "It’s not just the way you look, which while cute is STILL pathetic!" She admonished sternly. "It’s also the way you sit and carry yourself! How many pretty little girls have you ever seen sitting with their legs spread apart like yours? You look like a little faggot bitch in heat who is just DYING for some dick!" Tasha berated me. "Here, at least TRY to sit like a respectable little girl would; like this."

Ivan drove on and I intently listened to my new big sister, soaking up her teachings like a sponge soaks up water. We drove for nearly 30 minutes before arriving at our first stop, and meanwhile I quickly learned to demonstrate more girlish poise from my pretty blonde goddess.

Mistress Tasha touched up my lipstick before leading me out of the car by my hand to stand before the heavy wooden double-doors of "La Boutique De La Morphea." A heart shaped red sign proclaimed in white flowing script, "Members Only!’ on the right door. Tasha produced a magnetic ID card and swiped it in the card reader to the right of the doors, then punched in her PIN on the connected keypad. Chimes resounded within the building and the doors swung open for us. The older blonde took my hand authoritatively and strode with me in tow through the doors that swung silently shut behind us, their magnetic locks tumbling into place.

The gothically ornate foyer screamed in femininity, telling silent tales of the adventures lying beyond the innermost doors for those women courageous enough to venture there. Rose-pink porcelain statuettes of winged, nude, angelically beautiful blond youthful little girls adorned the walls in precisely set spacing, each bearing their own medieval flaming torch that illuminated their individual spaces of influence.

Plush, wall-to-wall blood red fleece carpeting provided a cloud of softness for our feet. A lone Queen Anne loveseat, upholstered in pink velvet matching the draperies surrounding the room was set before a fountain. The statuette centering the fountain was of sky pearl-blue porcelain with pink amethyst eyes, flowing blonde hair and blood red lips. She arched her back, displaying her ample breasts and an enormous erection, sending a thick jet of milk upward to enter and flow out of her open mouth! I was mesmerized as I seated myself with my older sister. Never had I seen something more enchantingly erotic in my life.

"The Goddess Morphea, Prissy Petra!" Tasha whispered to me by way of introduction, "She that brings forth the girl within you!"

I looked on in adoration, wondering if truly such a beautiful goddess existed, and if she’d answer the petitions of one so unworthy and desperate as I.

A pretty pigtailed redhead, whom I thought to be about my age, dressed in a pink satin French maid’s uniform entered and curtseyed deeply before Mistress Tasha.

"Madame will see you now, Mistress Tasha! Welcome! She is expecting you and your pretty guest!" The beautiful girl smiled, holding her deep curtsey in statuesque poise until acknowledged by her guests.

"Thank you Amy!" Tasha addressed the cute little redhead. "You may escort us now!" She commanded. Amy smiled and bowed her head gracefully, saying "Yes Mistress, right this way!" Before recovering from her curtsey and leading us to the doors across the room.

She stepped to their right and pulled a golden bell cord hanging there. Deep bell tones rang from within the next chamber and shortly thereafter the huge doors swung inward magically, revealing what was more or less, for lack of a better way to describe it; an elaborately decorated throne room! More angelic torchbearers around the circular room gave it a soft fire-lit glow. Elegant paintings of obvious but tastefully erotic nature had their places between the angels. A large heavy oaken display case with clear crystal doors to our right displayed a vast array of every kind of restraint, discipline, and sexual toy and device I could conceive, and even some I couldn’t!

The plush fleece royal blue carpeting complimented the pinks, browns, and golds that composed the throne room. Ahead of us an elevated stage taking up 1/3 of the room supported the throne bearing the queen of this castle, which was turned to face away from us. We silently followed little Amy and approached our hostess, who slowly rotated in her chair to grant us audience. In unison the three of us, Tasha and I behind Amy, curtseyed deeply, bowing our heads.

"Madame, may I present Mistress Tasha and her new little sister, Prissy Petra?" inquired the little maid, timidly.

"Thank you Amy. Leave us now."

As she obeyed her queen, I dared raise my eyes to see this mysterious woman. I was instantly awestruck by her beauty. Her thick mane of ebony tresses cascaded over her pale white bare shoulders. Her glistening wet ruby lips reflected the firelight of the torches and smiled enticingly. Her nude perfectly formed natural D-cup breasts heaved in time with her measured breaths. Her gorgeous legs were longer than Tasha’s and were as milk white and creamy smooth as the rest of her beautiful skin. 28-Year-old Erin Hudson was indeed a mesmerizing creature to behold, by anyone’s standards!

As she looked upon us, we recovered to standing.

Madame Erin extended her hand, bearing on her finger a ring of untold worth and power, the Ring of Morphea! Tasha approached her, leaving me behind, as she sank to one knee at Madame’s feet, genuflecting before her Lady. She took this bewitching woman’s hand in her own and lovingly kissed the sacred ring. Instantly it luminesced,

it’s large ruby setting glowing magically with soft pink light that bathed Tasha’s adorable face. For her supplication, Tasha was instantly rewarded with an earth shaking orgasm, and her tremors could be felt throughout the room! Madame recovered her hand and used it to guide the now servile teen to the inner sanctum between her thighs.

Obediently and eagerly, Tasha bathed her Lady’s wet hairless steamy pussy with her feverish tongue and scarlet wet lips!

The boner I had not yet lost since first sight of my awesome new Daddy twitched painfully in my panties and sissy romper as my eyes riveted on the scene. Other than from pictures on the ‘Net, I’d never had the privilege of witnessing lesbian love making in action. Never had I been privileged to see more beautiful females, period!

Erin gasped and rolled her head back in rapture as the lovely Tasha burrowed her Lady’s over-productive honeypot with her wiggling, probing tongue. Madame arched her neck, baring her milky smooth pale white throat to the yellowish glow of the fiery torchlight. She groaned loudly from deep within her being as she clutched my big sister’s ponytail, mashing the teenage princess’s enchanting face into her flowing center, now driving her erect distended clitoris between the nubile girl’s wanton lips.

Tasha sucked madly on Madame’s quivering clit, stabbing her tongue alternately deep within her love tunnel. Madame lifted and spread her knees high and wide, bringing them to rest on the arms of her ornate throne. The Ring, worn on the hand that clutched the leather-clad blonde’s long pretty ponytail now glowed with fiery red brilliance. While both females were enveloped in the cocoon of mystical light the Madame’s clitoris grew in length and girth, becoming transformed before my intently watchful eyes into a 9" dick! While no testes appeared, her pussy flowed with her juices, more copiously so, as Tasha ministered to her lady’s cock.

Tasha sucked feverishly and noisily as she bobbed her head up and down Erin’s engorged dick, stabbed her thumb inside Madame’s vaginal canal, and shoved two girl-juiced fingers within her Lady’s anus! So bright became the glowing light that surrounded them, they seemed to partially phase out (???) between time and space……becoming utterly translucent! Both writhed and cried out ecstatically, clutching each other, each driving their partner higher and higher into the throes of passion.

Madame went ridged and her toes curled, and from her throat elicited the predatory cry of a bird of prey as her body quaked with her orgasm. As soon as her hot jets of goo began to erupt in Mistress Tasha’s mouth, the teen goddess’ body became racked with an orgasm of her own!

The sapphic lovers clutched each other, seemingly becoming one in being as they convulsed in unison to the bonding orgasms they now shared, mewing and whimpering in everlasting passion!

As their whimpering faded and their breathing slowed, Mistress Tasha rose and approached me. Embracing my girlish face with her long slender fingers, while Madame’s cock returned to it’s original feminine state, my new big sister guided my lips to hers, and snaked her tongue inside. In so doing she fed me the ejaculate of our beautiful and mysterious hostess! I eagerly and hungrily consumed it, bewitched by what I had just witnessed, and totally, totally, consumed by the utter femininity if the act of swallowing that precious semen!

As I consumed every wondrous drop I became faint and disoriented, my mind turned inward within my body, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the fireworks in my head. I felt the hair on my head thicken and grow long, falling in waves below my slender shoulders. I "saw" within my body as well as felt my chest tingle like liquid fire, become molten and reshape, forming perfect "A" cup teen breasts that now strained against the training bra they now outgrew, forcing the fake slightly smaller breast forms to fall out from the cups!

The fire centered in my chest and extended a thick glowing tendril through my tummy to wrap and surround my pathetic penis and balls, gathering behind it the fire from my chest. Amazingly, my boner wilted and a smaller tendril leapt from my cock through me into the depths of my bowels and outwards to my sphincter, reforming both it and my prostate and connecting them with my minuscule testes!

I fainted.



Chapter Two



When I awoke I appeared to be resting on my tiptoes, arms stretched way above me as my ankles were held firmly in place. Still somewhat disoriented, it took me awhile to focus on my surroundings and even longer to realize I was now clad only in my childish panties! It was then that I realized, with girlish glee, that I’d developed a real bosom as well! I gazed down with joy at my perfectly formed, still developing teenage breasts. The symmetrically pear shaped "A" cup mammaries proudly showed off their slightly enlarged, distended, and erect conical pink fleshy nipples, which tilted upwards with a pride all their own.

I became aware of the weight of my hair my little head now bore. Long thick waves of golden blonde hair cascaded down my bust and back, tickling the flesh of my lovely breasts, shoulders, and upper back. I did not understand how this had happened, but tears of joy welled up in my youthful eyes and rolled down my cheeks with the knowledge that it had!

I looked up to see my wrists, bound by cuffs to a spreader bar high above my head. The bar was suspended by pulley driven chains. These strained against the cuffs that bound my ankles apart, stretching my tummy and torso to their thinnest possible width. The pain of my discomfort brought me to full wakefulness and I began to become more aware of the details of my environment.

I was in the center of a starkly furnished room walled on all four sides with a seemingly seamless, door-less mirror. The floor was of cold pink ceramic tile and the ceiling was wall to wall with lighted translucent pastel pink panels. I focused on the wall before me…. gazing at my beautiful reflection. As I tried to adjust to a more comfortable position, my pretty breasts jiggled slightly with my movement. My waist was tiny now, and my hips flared out and were rounder, as though the weight of my already slender stomach had fallen into them and filled them out. My ribcage could now clearly be seen so you could easily count my ribs, now I had an extra one. My backside, reflected from the wall behind me into the wall in front of me, displayed a perfectly shaped and full, firm girlish derriere, now stretching taut the ruffled pink little girl’s panties it filled. I realized with awe and excitement that the darkening wet spot developing between the lower halves of my buttocks was the girlish secretions of arousal emanating from my rectum. It felt deliciously hot and itchy, and very, VERY empty!

My hair spilled over my petite shoulders and cascaded in thick golden locks down to the small of my back. Lovely bangs curling down over my forehead allowed my highly arched thin, feminine eyebrows to play hide-and-seek with the mirror. My attention was drawn to my face. Long thick beautiful lashes adorned my now almond shaped sparkling baby blue eyes. My nose had taken on a smaller, prettier appearance. My cheekbones were higher than I remembered them, and the flushed tone of my face gave my cheeks a naturally rosy, girlishly youthful appearance. My lips, devoid of the lipstick I’d so amateurishly worn were now naturally full, pouty, and invitingly pink and sensual, with the youthful innocence that hinted I’d "never been kissed!" My previously small Adam’s Apple no longer existed.

Despite the arousal and pleasure I felt over the transformation that had taken place, my tiny limp penis sagged smaller than before and unaffected in the crotch of my pretty panties, leaving the only telltale sign that I was anything other than an intoxicatingly sexy, well-developed little 12 year old girl!

A far away tinkling sound of wind chimes grew steadily louder, and a circular portion of the mirrored wall before me seemed to liquefy, it’s waves rippling and radiating from the center to the circle’s outermost edge. From it emerged two gorgeous little blonde French maids, who looked in every way like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did at age 13!

Their silently smiling faces hinted that I too should remain quiet.

One bore a measuring tape and wrapped it ‘round my now tiny, over-stretched waist, mumbling her findings to the other. In response, the other nubile teen unfolded the tissue surrounding the parcel she carried to reveal a heavily boned, liquid satin cream, pink corset! Whilst she wrapped this ‘round my curvaceous little waist, the first twin threaded the lacing through the evenly spaced eyelets. Each of the pretty twins yanked at their laces, compressing my tiny waist to wasp-like proportions. I gasped for air! I couldn’t breathe!!!

"Take smaller breaths, Miss Petra!" chimed one of them.

"Yes, if you try too hard you’ll faint again!" advised the other.

I labored to follow their wise admonitions as they continued tightening the laces, whittling my waist into a symmetrical hourglass curve. Tying the laces off high to make them impossible for me to reach to loosen, they took measurements and tightened my laces even more!!!

Once again they took my measurements and I heard one announce to the other; "sixteen inches!!" before fainting again!

I felt a cool sponge being gently dabbed on my eyes, cheeks, forehead, and neck. My eyes fluttered open, and slowly began to focus on the smiling, almost loving face of Mistress Tasha. I was lying in a large femininely dressed bed on a quilted pink satin and lace comforter that matched the colors of my cruelly tight corset and my pretty ruffled panties my new Daddy had provided me to wear.

"I see our pretty new princess is awake!" she exclaimed. "Feeling better, little girl?"

I nodded, still unable to do much more than lightly pant to breathe.

"Corsets take a little getting used to, especially when they make your waist so tiny and cute, Prissy Petra!" Tasha giggled, dabbing more of the cool sponge on my face and neck. "Just rest for a moment, then we’ll get you all made up and pretty!"

As she applied the refreshing sponge, she caressed my exposed little teen breasts, fondled my thighs, and ran her middle finger through the silk and ruffles of my childish little panties back and forth over my wet little rectum, making my now naturally girlish "pussy" flow once again, itching and aching to be filled. I mewled quietly, bucking my butt against her stimulating fingers.

"Oh, so you like that do you?" she asked, rhetorically.

Whimpering, I nodded again, closing my eyes and rocking on her long tapered and scarlet probing fingernail. I was really beginning to enjoy myself when Madame walked into the room.

"Prissy Petra, meet Erin, daughter of Ilsa, High Priestess of Morphea, Bearer of the Ring." Tasha spoke with reverence, bowing her head to our Priestess as she approached my bedside.

"Are you well, dear?" Erin asked, with almost genuine concern.

"Yes, Ma’am," I whispered…in a real girl’s voice! As my pleased look of shock spread across my now cherubic little face, Erin beamed at me reassuringly. " Yes my sweet baby girl, even your little voice," she smiled benignly.

"Lady Morphea has smiled upon you, my child… You now have breasts. Real breasts that will grow and give milk." She rested a hand on my tummy as she sat beside Tasha. "Your clitty will no longer get hard, and your little pooper has been changed to simulate a real vagina.

You have two female clitori; one on your sphincter and one on your prostate…both are linked to your little balls and the only way you can cum is to have sex like a girl! But, you’ll LOVE it!!!"

She saw my head reeling behind my pretty blue eyes.

"Oh, that’s not all, my dear Petra," she said, stroking my satin covered navel. "Your little body will react to the presence of semen making contact with you either internally or externally. The more you’re exposed to it, the more naturally female you will become, until the boy your were is gone forever, and all that remains is the beautiful little girl you are!"

"I-I do-don’t know what to say!" I stammered, in my newfound girlie lilt. "Than-Thank you so much!" I squeaked. I hadn’t yet been told just how to address her.

Erin chuckled. "Oh, there’s a cloud ‘round every silver lining, sweet child…. for the more feminine and beautiful you become, the more insatiable you’ll become as well, eventually craving men and desperate to be used by them all the time, and you’ll stop at nothing to fulfill your lusts."

Somehow her warning didn’t sound much like a cloud I wouldn’t want dangling over my head. As a matter-of-fact I thought I’d welcome its company! <<Giggle!>>

With an air of dismissal, Erin rose to her feet, smiling down at me. "I know you’ve had a long morning, dear child, but it’s just the beginning of your journey. Since you’ve learned how to breathe, now it’s time for Mistress Tasha to continue your lessons." She pivoted around gracefully on one foot and seemed to float out of the room, glancing back over her shoulder she bade me, "Be a good little girl, Petra, it has its advantages!"

Reality held conference with Conscience, Sensibility, and Cultural Acceptance, and was immediately overthrown by lifelong Fantasy, Dreams, Desire, and Prayer, as Mistress Tasha gripped my dainty little hand and shoulder and helped me to sit in the cruelly restrictive corset.

"Can you make it to the vanity?" She asked, almost empathetically.

"I think so," I answered, not really sure of myself.

"Here, little girl, let me help you!"

She gently swung my little legs off the bed until my toes wiggled in the soft fleece carpeting, then wrapped one arm about my waist as she slipped her hand under my nearest arm and helped me to stand shakily, still weakened from my fainting spells. Taking a step, she urged me along with her and we slowly made our way to the vanity. My sensitive new little boobies jiggled lightly with my movements and were tickled by the caress of my beautiful long hair. This re-arranged new, girlish little nubile body felt nice, but it was gonna take some getting used to! That’s OK, I knew I’d suffer through! Sigh! <<Giggle!!!!!!>>

Tasha gently led me to the white satin-skirted red velvet vanity stool and turned me around so she could help me be seated. I gasped in pain as the tightly laced corset restricted the efforts of my middle body to resume its naturally relaxed state, and kept my posture undauntedly erect. The plush, red velvet covered cushion felt warm and soft through the silk of my ruffled pink panties, and I began to itch and moisten again! I was becoming one horny little girl!

"You make a much prettier 12 year old girl than a fourteen year old guy, Prissy Hon!" My new big sister beamed, toying with her ponytail. Then almost distractedly, she added, "I always wanted a little sister to teach how to help me please Daddy. Besides," she smiled evilly and looked me in the eye with a foreboding gleam in hers, "He just loves sexy, tight little virgin sissygirls like you sweetheart!"

I gulped as Mistress Tasha reached for a towlette to dab the oily perspiration from the soft new radiant skin of my angelic little face, then, holding my chin up lightly with one hand, she began skillfully blending the foundation that she applied into my skin. The smell of it was intoxicating and I remembered it from years ago, back when Ma respected herself enough to wear it. We’d been close then….. But, I digress!

My enticing blonde teenage mistress began working on my eyes with the meticulous skill of a sought after artist on a fresh canvas, selecting from an astonishingly elaborate color palette, and a well-stocked quiver of assorted application tools. It seemed to take forever, and I began to understand why it took my real sister so long to get ready for anything! I tried to steal a glance in the mirror from the corner of my eye and was silently reminded it was draped in a white satin veil.

"Ah, Ah, AHHH!" Tasha smiled. "Nooooo CHEATING!" She giggled youthfully. I could tell she was having fun, and I really liked her playful attention!

The seductive, older adolescent then artfully painted my eyebrows and cheeks. Melding the color with the foundation she previously applied, she brilliantly shaped my cheeks and cheekbones. She leaned back to inspect her work, gently turning my evolving little face from side to side and touching up any flaws that she found, though they were few.

An artist’s work is never done, and neither was her’s, as Tasha expertly began lining and enhancing my lips with succulently wet and shiny peach lip color, making them even more pouty and innocently inviting.

"OOOOO Prissy! Your lips look like they’re ready to suck start a Harley!" She laughed, "I can hardly wait to try them on for size! They’re soooooooo prettyyyyyyyyy!!!" I felt my face flush, blushing with embarrassment and pride as I smiled nervously and sweetly whispered, "Thank you Mistress Tasha!"

She smiled at the way I responded to her, then gently stroked and fondled my long golden tresses, studying my hair as if deciding what to do with it. Her eyes twinkled as the light bulb flashed in her head.

"I've got it!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.

She took one side of my head at a time, skillfully giving me three way braided pigtails, tied at the tops and ends with pretty white ribbons. She then clipped a big pretty white bow atop my head just behind my long bangs, which she brushed lightly forward.

She sat back and inspected her work, and smiled in self-satisfaction. Then she picked up a small silver bell and rang it lightly. In response walked in the two young maids that had fitted me with my pretty but painful corset.

"Mindy and Mandy will help get you ready!" Tasha explained. Both curtseyed and immediately fell at my feet, grasping each of my dainty little feet while Tasha started my manicure, and began giving me a wonderful pedicure. I was ticklish and began to giggle. My laughter was contagious and soon we all sounded like giggling schoolgirls at a slumber party!

My tootsie nails and fingernails now matched my peach lipstick, and even dry, looked dripping wet. They were beautiful!

The girls then fetched white silk stockings and balled them up, having me point my painted little peach toesies, and slide my dainty feet in each. They unrolled and stretched them up my shapely smooth legs. My panties were dripping as their tiny hands sheathed my legs with the incredibly soft silk stockings, securing their elastic lace stay up bands mid-thigh, and smoothing out the wrinkles with their soft caressing hands.

Whilst Mindy and Mandy helped with my stockings, Mistress Tasha selected a front closure, under-wire bra that matched my girlish little panties and helped me slip it on, fitting the cups over my pert little boobies, and snapped the front closed at my cleavage with a click! My nipples, hard, hot, and erect, jutted unabashedly through the soft pink silk of my pretty bra that now lifted and pushed together my little breasts, creating cleavage I never had before!

Helping me to stand again proved somewhat more of a task than usual thanks to the confining nature of my corset, but help me they did. Soon after, I was stepping into the petticoat Mindy held at my feet while letting Mandy slip the shimmering white satin and lace matching camisole over my arms and shoulders. Mindy raised my petticoat up my pretty legs and held the wide waistband in place while Mandy laced it up for me.

My new big sister had been busy in the closet all this time, and when I saw the pretty party dress she brought back, I squealed with girlish delight!!! It had a shiny peach satin bodice with a ruffled white lace cravat dotted with tiny pink satin hearts that buttoned underneath the starch white linen little girl collar. Its sheer white chiffon short cap sleeves had shiny peach satin ribbon ties at the openings that tied into pretty bows at the sides. The billowing white, three-layered and tiered, wispy chiffon skirt flared way out. Each layer was trimmed in peach satin piping and was dotted like the ruffled cravat with little pink satin hearts. Finally, a wide pink lace sash divided the bodice and skirt, and could be tied into a big pretty bow in back.

Mistress Tasha unzipped the back, and Mindy and Mandy helped her raise the dress high over my head. I quivered with excitement as I happily and submissively raised my dainty little arms high into the air so they could slip it down over me, careful not to muss up my pretty hair and makeup. Waves of pleasure washed over me as they lowered the precious little girl’s dress past my budding breasts and over my waist and hips. Tasha zipped me up and buttoned my pretty cravat in place while Mandy tied my lacy sash and Mindy fetched pink lace bobby-sox with wide white lace trim sporting pink satin bows on the front, as she put them on my feet and folded them down daintily. Then she slipped matching finger-less wrist length gloves on my hands topped with pink satin bows on the tops of my little wrists.

A little girl’s outfit is never complete without shoes and jewelry. Tasha fit my ears with clip on amethyst heart shaped earrings in silver sets and hung a matching pendant necklace on a long silver chin about my neck while Mindy and Mandy slipped on and buckled my pink satin Mary-Jane’s.

Finally, they were through and guided me to a draped full-length mirror across the room. They all watched me intently as Tasha unveiled the mirror to see my reaction. My eyes lit up like diamonds, my jaw went slack, and dropped momentarily in shock before my mouth spread in a happily girlish grin of elation! The girl smiling back at me was the most beautiful creation I ever had the privilege of seeing! Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes and dripped down my feminine cheeks past the waterproof mascara and eyeliner that framed my exotic eyes. I squealed with delight and threw my arms around Mistress Tasha’s neck, kissing her sweetly on the cheek and thanking her profusely.

No girl, not even my sister, could possibly be any prettier than the lovely little twelve-year-old girl I couldn’t keep my eyes off in the mirror. She turned and swayed to and fro with me, her gaze full of wonder, disbelief, and utter joy!

"OH thaank you!!! Thank you all!!!!" I squealed "I just can’t wait 'til Daddy sees me!!!"



Chapter Three

"A Little Girl’s Place Is At The Mall!"



Ivan stood stately as he opened the car door for Mistress Tasha and I to disembark at the newest mall in the upscale part of town. A full three stories tall, the mall boasted over 200 stores and eateries, an ice skating rink, a 16 screen Cineplex, a fitness center, two salons, and two night clubs.

As we walked hand-in-hand, I tried to imitate the wiggle of my new Big Sister’s hips, and became patently aware of the men and boys whose eyes followed us lustfully. When any one of them locked eyes with me, I’d smile and wink at them flirtatiously, making the older guys blush and attempt to regain their composure while the bulges in their pants swelled. I was hot-to-trot jail bait and there were lots of eager fish to be caught!

We made our way to Victoria’s Secret where a helpful salesgirl took my exact measurements for a Wonderbra. We purchased several in pinks and whites, some were white with pink or red floral prints. Of course, every bra had a matching panty and all were in exquisite silk or luxurious satin!

Before we left I was allowed to pick out wispy garter belts and silk stockings to coordinate with each bra and panty set, and pretty little thigh garters, a pair for each set… Before we left, we had purchased 10 complete sets and I was thrilled that they all belonged to ME!

Our next stop was Macy’s, where we headed for the section for girl’s 7-14. I tried out dress after dress, from fancy and frilly party and pageant dresses like the one I wore, to light and airy sundresses and jumpers. I picked out skirt and blouse sets, mostly of the schoolgirl type but some a little more mature… Who knows? I might find a handsome boy or two to date if Daddy and Mistress Tasha allow it. I hoped they would!

When we had made our final purchases, we’d have been laden with packages had not Tasha checked them at the service counter and called Ivan on her cell phone to come in and pick them up. We were both famished, as it was late afternoon, and decided to stop for a bite in a little French café. The waiter kissed our hands before taking our orders, and following Tasha’s example, I ordered a lite chicken salad and a diet soda. Tasha taught me how to eat more daintily, closing my teeth around each tiny bite and sliding it off my fork or spoon with them so as not to smear my lipstick. When she paid the bill, I whispered to her of my urgent need to tinkle. She laughed and led me by the hand, like a little three-year-old, to the ladies room. I found an empty stall and locked the door behind me, clumsily lifting and holding up my billowing skirt and petticoat while tugging my panties down enough to allow myself to sit and relieve myself. Ohhhhhh what a relief! Using the pink tissue I delicately patted my tiny clitty dry, flushed, then stood to slip my pretty ruffled panties back up in place, and dropped my petticoat and skirt, fussing with them to make sure they hung properly.

When I exited Tasha was already seated at the vanity, touching up her lipstick. After washing my hands in the fragrantly feminine soap, I joined her, and pulled out my tube from my purse. Watching and imitating her, I did a fairly good job of freshening my own lipstick. I still could not believe that gorgeous pre-teen girl in the mirror was me!

We stopped at Steve Madden’s and Skechers for shoes befitting a girl my age. At Chippendales we selected the loveliest bustiers, babydolls, teddies, and chemises, then stopped at the Clinique counter for an instructional makeover for me and a personalized cosmetics kit, including a vast array of chrome handled applicators and brushes.

Petticoat Fair was next on our list, and we selected five different multi-layered petticoats of varying lengths and styles, with matching camisoles and a few less elegant full and half satin slips. Poor Ivan had to be called in again!

We stopped in at Danskins for leotards, tutus, tights, and figure skating outfits. Venus Swimwear provided me with a dazzling array of daringly sexy one and two-piece swimsuits, either with skirts attached or accompanying sarongs or wraps. Parklane had a wonderful selection of hosiery, anklets, and gloves.

The Paul Mitchell Salon gave me a delightful light perm of loose and bouncy curls. The style was a little grown up for me, but it made me sexy. If only my real sister and mom could see me NOW!!! <<Giggle!>> I could steal any of my sister’s boyfriends away in a heartbeat!

Our last stop was Claire’s, where we spent the better part of an hour picking out necklaces, bracelets, rings, and ankle bracelets, all coordinating. Tasha showed me earrings to match and I whispered ruefully, "But Mistress, I can’t wear these, they’re for pierced ears!"

"And what girl your age doesn’t get her ears pierced, my dear Petra?"

My heart leapt into my throat and I hugged her sweetly. "Can I really get them pierced?"

"Of course, little sister, you think I want my friends to know that you wear clip-ons? You’re not THAT little!" she giggled.

As we left the mall arm in arm, my stinging little lobes boasted the most gorgeous diamond studs you ever saw! I pulled out my compact and admired them in the mirror every few seconds, I was sooooo pretty! Never had I felt this happy!

We rode in the back of the limo with the trunk packed to the brim! I was exhausted and my feet hurt from all the walking. My ribs ached under the restriction of my pretty corset, yet I couldn’t remember a day in my life that had been more fun! So this is why girls loved shopping so much!

We kicked off our shoes and turned on the stereo, slipping in the latest Back Street Boys CD, and snuggled up to each other. Tasha asked about my life and me and, as I laid my head on her bosom, I couldn’t help but bare my soul. She held me as I tearfully recounted how I’d longed to be a little girl all my life, how bad things had gotten when my genetic dad died. How classmates and my sister had rejected me because I was so effeminate, called me "FAG" and "Pansy" and "PUSSY" and every other vile name in the book. Never able to share with anyone how I truly felt and who I really was inside.

As I sobbed, she gently stroked my pretty curls, shushing me tenderly and promising that, if I’d do what I was told, I’d never feel this kind of pain again.

I sniffled back my tears, becoming aware I had soaked the bust line of her black leather dress with my sadness. In her arms I came to know I’d found acceptance and… maybe even love I’d never known before!



Chapter Four

"In Flight Training"


Ivan pulled the luxurious limousine through the gates and onto the ramp at the private airstrip reducing his speed to the 5-MPH posted speed limit. At 8 PM, it was almost dusk, and the control tower’s beacon was already beaming its blue and white beams out to the horizon in its 360-degree rotation. Brilliant electric blue lights framed the runways, and I was awestruck by how pretty they were. We passed slowly by rows and rows of small aircraft of every color and description, even some bi-planes and a couple of helicopters! I’d never been to an airport before, and I was fascinated by all the different kinds of flying machines there were.

We turned into the jet section and rolled by all kinds of single and twin engine private jets before finally coming to stop alongside a sunset yellow Cessna Citation; Cessna’s answer to the Learjet! Ivan stopped the car and set the brake, then, leaving the engine running, he removed his chauffeur cap and replaced it with a pilot’s hat. He left the car and we looked on as he unlocked and opened the door, pulling it down to unfold the small stairway that led into the plane. He went inside and a few minutes later the engines roared to life and the running lights came on. Golly, it was loud, even through the muffling provided by the thick limo walls!

Ivan held open the door for us as, for the third time that day, we left the comfort of the spacious white Lincoln Limousine. Sensing my apprehension, Tasha slipped a sisterly arm around my waist and pulled me close next to her.

"Ivan," she shouted over the din of the twin engines, "This will be Miss Petra’s first time to fly, would you show her around?"

"Why Yes’m, I’d be delighted, Miss Tasha! Miss Petra?" He proffered his hand to me and I accepted it daintily. He was a tall hunk of a man, taller than I remembered my new Daddy being, with the broad shoulders of a football player. Even through his uniform I could tell he had a chest and abs of steel. He escorted me to the jet with Tasha close behind, and preceding me up the stairway by a couple of steps, he turned and grabbed my waist, lifting me effortlessly into the aircraft and setting me on deck.

I’d never imagined such luxury in an airplane before. Thick plush carpeting and mink upholstered sofas, lamps, a television, and stereo made it seem more like a parlor than an aircraft cabin. He showed me around the room, telling me I’d find all kinds of music from N’ Sync to Hanson to The Backstreet Boys, to Madonna, Britney, Mandy Moore, and Sade in the CD collection for my enjoyment. To the rear of the jet were the facilities to which he tastefully referred as "the Powder Room". My Gawd, it even had a shower!!!

He led me forward to the kitchenette, equipped like those of a posh hotel with stove, oven, sink, and fridge with freezer, and lots of cabinets all filled with generous amounts of food, caviar, and wine. We then entered the cockpit. My mouth dropped in surprise at the vast array of instruments, switches, levers, and controls of all types. I’d never known flying took so much complexity!

"Miss Petra, I know dis be de firs time you be flyin’, if youze wans, youze can sit up here and watch de take off if das OK wit Miss Tasha"

"Wonderful idea, Ivan, would you like that Prissy Petra?" Tasha asked smiling.

I was as nervous as a whore in church, but I didn’t want our studly captain to feel I was ungracious so I timidly accepted his invitation. As he strapped me in, I confessed, "Ivan, I’m a little scared!"

"Don be worryin yo perty li’l head Miz Petra, Ahs gon fly you to yo Daddy like an Eagle wit her hatchlin’. Jes lemme buckle you in nice an tight! You is safe an soun’ wit Cap’n Ivan, yeah!"

Tasha retreated to the cabin, and Ivan went through his pre-flight check, explaining to me in terms I could understand each thing he did and why. Airport porters had already stowed our cargo, removed our tie-downs, and secured the door, then drove the limo back to the parking lot long before our studly captain had finished his routine preliminaries.

Easing the throttle a little forward, Ivan taxied us slowly toward the runway. Stopping short, he got clearance from the tower before taxiing into position for take off. As there was not much traffic, we didn’t have long to wait before the runway stretched out before us. "Berringer Tow-ah, dis is Novemba 2 3 4 oh 5 niner Tango requestin’ clearance to take off on runway 2 oh three," he spoke into the mike.

"Roger, November Tango, you are clear, winds are south by southwest at 15, visibility is unlimited. Have a nice flight"

"Rogah, Tow-ah, Rollin’!"

Ivan opened the throttle gradually to full and we raced down the runway. I felt every bump and crease in the pavement and my eyes got wide as I felt the g-forces push me back into my seat. Seconds later, he pulled back on the yoke and the jet’s nose preceded us off the ground and we climbed swiftly into the air!

I heard a strange whirring sound and felt a distinct "THUMP!" underneath and behind me, and I jumped, startled. Ivan laughed, "Das jes de landin’ gear foldin’ up, Miz Petra, everythin’ a’right!"

I peered out my window, watching the ground falling further and further below us, becoming obscure as the last glimmers of sunlight faded in the west. A tapestry of city lights twinkled below us like jewels on black velvet, taking my breath away. Ivan began a slow banking turn to our right, tilting my side of the jet toward the ground at a 45 degree angle as he did so. My knuckles turned white as I subconsciously gripped the arms of my co-pilot chair in terror.

"Relax, Miz Petra, you ain’ gon fall or nuttin’," Chuckled Ivan reassuringly. As we continued the turn, I began to accept his confidence, and slowly my tension ebbed away. We eased back into an even horizontal position as he leveled out on course at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

The clear night, with the absence of surrounding city lights, made the sky ablaze with twinkling stars. The full moon glowed with ghostly brilliance in the center of it all. Ivan cut the cockpit lights to give me a better view. As I gazed upon all the beauty, I became fully relaxed, even pondering the question, "If God could make a Universe sooo beautiful, why couldn’t he have made me the same way?"

"Petra?" Mistress Tasha called from the cabin.

"Thanks Cap’n Ivan, I-ummm-better go back now."

He aided me with my buckled straps on harness and released me from my co-pilot’s chair and re-seated himself as I joined my new big sister and mistress.

When I entered the cabin my mouth dropped open in shock! Mistress Tasha had removed her black leather mini-dress and was now clad in a red latex cup-less teddy. Her pear shaped, perfectly formed, "C" cup breasts with distended reddish conical nipples stood proudly and invitingly on her chest. Red latex garter straps supported her thigh length lace-top black silk seamed stockings, sheathing legs made even more beautiful by her black patent 4" stiletto heels. The teddy had a zipper that zipped from navel to the top of the crack of her ass. I could see in the full-length mirror that the backside was as well contoured as the front, hell, the teddy looked like it had been painted on her!

She had touched up her makeup and her hair was still in the same sexy ponytail. My pussy, instantly wet and itching, flowed even more copiously when I spied the black leather riding crop she held in her black-opera length latex gloved hand at her side, impatiently tapping her lower leg. The back and crotch of my panties were soaked, and now juices were running down my thighs!!! She turned me on sooo much!

"Time for your first lesson, little slave girl!" Tasha announced. "Turn around, NOW!" She barked. "Lift your skirt and petticoat in back and hold them up so I can see your pretty ruffled sissy panties, you little pussy!"

Terrified of her tone, I quickly obeyed. She grabbed a handful of my ass, stroking my soaking wet rosebud of a pussy, complete with clit affixed, making me whimper and tremble in pleasure.

"Damn, you’re a horny slut, Petra! Look how you’ve soaked my glove!!!" She held her gloved hand in front of my nose and an odor similar to the aroma of my sister’s soiled panty crotches filled my nose, screaming "GIRL juice!"

"Lick it up, bitch!"

I could feel my stocking tops dampening with my honey pot’s flowing juices as I bent to her hand and obediently licked my juices slowly off of her hand, relishing in the feminine taste.

She stepped back and expertly wielded her riding crop, playfully flicking each of my little bunsies through the ruffles of my pretty little pink silk panties. I yelped tearfully both times.

"Awwww, am I hurting the little sissy?" She giggled, rubbing the end of the crop over my stinging tush.

"Y-Yes Mistress!" I sobbed.

"Oh stop your whining or I’ll give you something to whine about, CRYBABY!" She punctuated each syllable of her last word with three more playful flicks of her crop. "I’m just giving you a sample of how you’ll be punished from now on if you’re a naughty and disobedient little slave girl!" Again two flicks of the crop stung my firm little cheeks.

"You WON’T give me any reason to PUNISH you, WILL you Prissy Petra?" Four hard strokes blazed my ass.

"No Mistress!" I bawled "I-I p-promise I’ll be a good little girl!"

"Good, I’m glad we understand one another, now dry up you sniveling sissy!" Tasha barked "you may drop your skirt and petticoat now."

I choked back my sobs but tears still flooded my eyes and rolled silently down my flushed face. I obediently let my skirt and petticoat fall, conscious to check to make sure they hung properly.

Tasha placed a wide red leather fur lined collar tightly on my neck, locking it securely. The beautiful 16-year-old domina connected a matching suspension strap from the rear of the collar and to this a pair of matching handcuffs in which she firmly secured my wrists, pulling my arms up uncomfortably in the back.

"Kneel, faggot!"

I instantly fell to my knees at her feet. The rustling of my petticoat made me shiver with pleasure and the pain slowly ebbed away from my girlish derriere. Tasha paced in front of me, tapping her palm with her riding crop.

"You are nothing. You are a slave sissy; property to be owned and used by people who are superior to you. I am superior. Your are your new Daddy’s property and playtoy. HE is superior to you. The GUESTS you will entertain are all superior to you. Even a lowly chauffeur and pilot like IVAN " (she spat) is far more superior to you." She paused, letting this much soak in. "Your feelings and desires are irrelevant. If you gain pleasure from serving the needs of our household and our guests, all the better. It’s nice to enjoy your work."

"I don’t mean just sexual needs, " she started after a pregnant pause. "You will bathe and clothe us, and perform menial tasks beneath those of our servants and maids and be at our beck and call." She smiled evilly. "You will worship us and the ground we bless with our feet!"

She stopped her pacing and put her fists on her hips. "Now my Prissy Petra, worship my feet."

I immediately bent at the waist and rained frosty peach kiss prints on both of her stiletto heeled feet and she continued with her lecture. "instant, unhesitating and unquestioning obedience is demanded of you, no matter how you feel about the orders you are given. Anything less from you will bear consequences you do NOT want to pay! Just as proving your dedication and love of your new life will shower you with untold rewards. You DO understand me, don’t you slavesissy?"

"Yes Mistress!" I squeaked between licks as I desperately tried now to lick my offending shiny peach lip-prints from her desirable feet.

"Very GOOD, Prissy Petra!" she praised "it seems you know your place! Now work your away slowly up my legs!" As I began to obey her, she turned around, facing away from me.

I licked her ankles and calves with long slow strokes of my tongue, tasting the scent of her perfumed legs as I worked my way slowly up her stockinged legs. My hard little nipples were hot with the need for attention and my rectal pussy was wet and itching, aching to be stretched and filled as my tongue found the creases of her legs behind her knees and lingered there.

As I moved up her stockinged legs and bathed her lower thighs with my tongue, she moaned softly. Her own juices began seeping from the sides of the crotch of her shiny red latex teddy, slowly oozing down her creamy milk smooth thighs. I progressed to the floral lace tops of her stockings where I had my first taste of her feminine flow, and I quivered in desire. I hungrily licked and mouthed the hot womanly flesh of my Mistress’ youthful teenage thighs, gingerly sucking every inch of them into my hot little, peach lipsticked, mouth an inch at a time.

"Ohhhhh Prissy… That’s nice girlFRIEND!"

Thus praised, I doubled my efforts to please her, running my tongue up her inner thighs from her lace topped stockings to her dripping wet crotch repeatedly, switching from thigh to thigh as I did so. She trembled and shook, grabbing my golden curls, and drove my face into the back of her zippered crotch as she came!!! I sucked and sucked on her crotch, desperate to drink every drop of her feminine nectar as even more flowed over my face.

With her free hand she gripped her zipper behind her and lowered it to my sucking mouth, then spread her beautifully shaped globes to permit me access to her rosebud. To my surprise it too had a hooded clitty on it’s uppermost rim. Her anal pucker flexed open and closed, squirting tiny streams of clear girly juice on my nose.

I dove between her buttocks, passionately soul-kissing milady’s asshole. I searched her anal clitty out from under its hood and sucked on it fiercely. No longer in as much control as she would have me believe, she humped my mouth, cooing and whimpering as the pleasure mounted inside her.

When I nibbled her clit softly with my teeth she gripped my head with both hands and forced my face into her ass, screaming as she flooded my mouth and face, smothering me as I slurped and rimmed her asshole. She held me there tightly as she came again and again. I’d turned almost blue before she finally cast me off of her sending me sprawling and gasping for air as she panted, falling to her knees, and holding on to the ottoman for support.

"Damn, you’re good Prissy Petra!" She panted. "I have to give you an A+ for that one little girl!" she smiled back at me.

I managed a big grin as I gasped for air, pleased with myself for my very first good grade as a little girl. Slowly we recovered as the jet made a slow banking course correction to the left. When it leveled off, Mistress Tasha rose to her feet and guided me back onto my knees.

"Lesson Two, little one!" she giggled. Her crotch was inches from my face as she reached between her thighs to grasp her zipper and slowly draw it forward and up. Her huge semi-erect cock fell out, smacking my upturned face.

I stared at it in shock and disbelief. Never had I suspected, for even a moment, this lovely teenager could have been born like myself; a boy!

She began answering my un-voiced questions.

"Daddy and Mommy divorced when I was nine because she was a gold digging bitch!" Tasha spat. "He retained custody. When I was 10 years old, he caught me dressing in her lingerie, and instead of freaking out, he had the maids instruct me in dressing, make-up, and deportment, while he searched for the best answers for my problem." She explained as she rubbed her hardening tool on my cheeks.

"I was almost eleven when he flew me down to see Madame Erin. Over the years, I’ve transformed into what you see before you. I’ve been devoted to pleasing Daddy ever since, and thankful enough to our maids and servants to see to their pleasure as well, although I must admit I’ve had more fun than I could’ve dreamed!"

"I was still lonely, longing for a little sister to play with and share in my duties. Now, finally after all these years, you’re here; my little sister, my slavesissy!"

"Priscilla Petralynne Rockefeller, you may now worship my boyclit!"

Tasha pointed her now fully erect 9" cock at my face. I leaned forward, parting my glistening peach lips and passionately kissed her boyclit right on the pee-hole. Slowly and sensuously, I covered her boymeat from her balls to tip with hot, wet, opened mouth girly kisses. Each time I kissed her, her love club twitched. As I kissed along the thickened veins, her pulse vibrated my lips. I felt a rush of power course through me as I paid homage to her last vestige of manhood, knowing I stimulated her so!

I lovingly kissed her hairless ball sac, then using my tongue, separated them, twirling my wet little tongue around each, sucking them in my pretty little mouth. I began licking her girl-cock from base to tip, lustfully swathing it with my little girl spittle. Oh GAWD, so THIS is heaven!

Circling my tongue around the purplish helmet shaped head one more time, I parted my painted lips and engulfed her manly specimen in my mouth, sucking her down my throat. I fought off my gag reflex and continued working my way down her enormous shaft, until I was pressing my girlish lips to the flesh from where it sprouted. There I paused, sucking her for all life was worth, before bobbing my head slowly up and down her boyclit.

She grabbed my girlishly styled hair and began pumping her throbbing meat into my mouth and throat, reining me into her thrusts by my hair, fucking my mouth with abandon!

Her thrusting continued for what seemed forever as I tirelessly sucked her throbbing member. Finally she grabbed my hair hard, trust herself all the way in and erupted down my throat!

I gulped and swallowed frantically, not wanting to waste a drop, both for my instantaneous love of her taste, and for fear of repercussions.

I was a good little girl and managed not to waste a drop! She collapsed to her knees and drew me down to lay by her side. Still bound in my restraints, we kissed like long lost lovers. And her hands roamed my girlish body.

Suddenly the Prophecy of Lady Erin came true! My fingernails became longer, and deep behind my minuscule soft penis I felt a uterus form!




Chapter Five

"The Homecumming"



We banked again to the left, leveled off, and began a slow descent.

"20 minutes before we land ladies!" came Ivan’s voice over the speakers.

"C’mon lets get ready," Tasha said. She un-cuffed my wrists and wiggled into her black leather mini-dress once more and lifted her ponytail up so I could help her with her zip. When I pulled it up, the garment closed about her, and it began hugging and emphasizing her every delicious curve!

Tasha sat at the vanity and touched up her make up. So envious I was of her, she was sooooo pretty! She had me sit and repaired my make up as well, brushing out my long pretty golden hair.

"Please take yo seats ladies, and buckle up tight!" spoke Ivan’s voice over the speaker. We rushed to comply and our jet banked again, this time sharply to the left. Leveling off with our nose still inclined in descent we heard the landing gear bay doors open and the gear unfold, thumping loudly as it locked into place. The nose of the aircraft rose as we continued our descent, and I felt a mild bump as Ivan greased the jet onto the runway, gently smoothing the nose-wheel down as well. He applied reverse thrust to brake us and shortly thereafter we taxied off the runway.

Minutes later we came to a stop and the engines slowed and died off in silence. The cockpit door opened and out walked the smiling Ivan. Our gorgeous pilot opened and lowered the cabin door, unfolding the staircase and disembarked. As each of us approached the door, he lifted us by the waists and set us on our feet upon the ground like a cowboy helping ladies off of a stagecoach.

Another limo awaited us; this one was painted with shiny pink metal-flecked paint. The interior was upholstered in white chinchilla, and as we seated ourselves, I thrilled at the feel of the luxurious fur through my sexy silk stockings!

Ivan took his seat as the porters anchored the jet and loaded our trunk from the cargo hold. As several porters were in attendance it only took a few seconds, and as the trunk closed, Ivan once again switched to his chauffeur’s cap. He started the engines and began the slow drive off of Daddy’s private airfield and through the massive gates that were the rear entrance of the estate. As we slowly ascended the winding drive, Mistress Tasha explained that this was Daddy’s luxurious 160-acre rolling estate. Huge gas-lit torches framed either side of the drive about every 20 yards casting their bright firelight over the smoothly paved road.

Even in the dead of night I could make out the riding stables, tennis courts, and a low-impact running track surrounding a soccer field. Five guesthouses; small and quaint but elegantly appointed surrounded the small underground spring fed lake. Each guesthouse had a two-car garage and a private boat slip with high-speed ski boats in each.

As the main house pulled into view, my breath was taken away! It was a huge three story Gothic building reminiscent of medieval castles, lords, ladies, knights, and damsels! Huge ashen stone blocks formed the exterior of the imposing semicircular mansion that cupped in its embrace a large circular swimming pool illuminated at four opposite points with the same torches that had lit our way here. Smaller torches lit every ground entrance. Soft light glowed from almost every window and sliding glass door, peering through the openings of the velvet and lace draperies that adorned their interiors. I felt like Cinderella approaching the castle of my Prince in my horse drawn carriage, ready to attend the ball that my evil stepmother and sisters had conspired to keep me from. I silently thanked the Goddess Morphea for Mother Erin, my fairy godmother!

We drove to the south end of the building and Ivan used a remote to admit us through the gates into the subterranean garage. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Lamborghini’s, Porches, BMW’s, and Mercedes’ were everywhere! There was even a Roll’s Silver Ghost limo there!

We stopped at an elevator and Ivan held the door open for us as we disembarked.

"Have our parcels taken to Miss Prissy’s room, Ivan," ordered Tasha. "Have the attendants join us to prepare her for our Daddy, and inform the Master we have arrived safely!"

"Yes’m Mistress Tasha!" Ivan smiled broadly, and set off to fulfill her wishes as she took my dainty hand and led me to the elevator. As the doors closed behind us, Tasha spoke, "Third Floor!" and the elevator smoothly ascended.

The glass rear wall revealed glimpses of the regal elegance of my new home. Omigod! I thought. My new HOME!

We arrived at our floor and the elevator announced in a girlishly feminine voice, "Third Floor," and opened onto a long wide curving hall. The floor was covered wall to wall with exotic Persian carpeting in rich reds and gold’s with breathtaking peach tulip and pink rose accents. Gold velvet upholstered benches with carved mahogany legs nestled between the doors of each suite. Down the center of the hall about every 20 feet there were four foot, nude, pink porcelain statuettes of angels with white spread wings tipped in pink. The angels looked up to their hands which each holding a white spray of fiber optic lights that moved fluidly as they were fanned by the air. Above each bench were wall-sized paintings of nude and semi-nude, unbelievably beautiful, young girls, and Shemales that looked to range in age from eight to eighteen. The paintings were framed with wall to ceiling immaculately white satin and lace Priscilla draperies which were hung on the pastel pink walls. The ceiling was covered in bronze plated brass tiles, stamped with intricate sunbursts and snowflake patterns.

The door of each suite was a heavy unfinished but well polished oaken double door, richly carved with abstract patterns and embellished with heavy brass knobs in their centers. Their frames were spiral lathe cut mahogany, the color richly contrasting with the doors they framed.

Just around the bend in the curve on the right was the door to my suite! Can you believe it? A sexy little thirteen-year-old girl with her very own SUITE! Tasha swung wide and inward the magnificent doors to reveal a poshly feminine sitting room befitting a popular boy-crazy girl my age! I rushed in and darted into the adjoining rooms, eager to take in all.

A well equipped and stocked kitchen was off to the left, to it’s right a little girls playroom with big armchairs, HD television, and a phenomenal stereo system and CD collection were surrounded by doll cribs and doll houses and posters of teen heartthrobs and awesome Chippendale dancers.

To the right of my playroom was the most elegantly appointed powder room I’ve ever seen! Powder pink fluffy fleece carpeting wall to wall, centered by a large freestanding porcelain circular Jacuzzi tub on golden leg’s, elevated on a marble platform with steps leading up it from four directions. There was a double vanity, each equipped with brightly lit three way mirrors, drawers and drawers of cosmetic and hygiene products, and appliances of every description., a linen closet was stuffed full with pink and white Turkish bath towels, hair turbans, and plastic shower caps. There was a shower stall with brass fittings and a swinging glass door. Of course there was also the commode and bidet.

As I entered the next room, I gasped for air and squealed with delight!!! Never had I Imagined this fairy princess’ bedroom!!!! It would take me days to describe every nuance and detail of the room!!! Suffice it to say, any girl from eight to sixteen who was given the room would have thought she died and went to heaven! The walk in closets had loads of every imaginable style of dress worn by girls seven to fourteen, and all of them were in my size. There were also petticoats in the most fem styles, frills, and lengths. Lets not forget the three pink satin French maid uniforms trimmed in white lace either!


Just then the porters arrived with my parcels, and Mistress Tasha directed them in putting everything away. I noted that my lingerie chest already was loaded with lots of things to explore. Within 20 minutes, they departed and in walked four French maids in white satin uniforms, which I learned later meant "personal attendants." One of them began a fresh bath. Pouring in bath oil, milk bath, oatmeal bath, and powerful scents. Mistress Tasha gave them their instructions then turned to me.

"Prissy Petra, I will leave you in these ladies very capable hands, you are to obey every command. They will make you beautiful for our Daddy. I will be back soon."

"Yes Mistress Tasha!" I giggled, and curtseyed prettily.

As she turned to go I heard the call behind me; "This way Miss, please!"

I turned toward the group of lovely girls in their early twenties and immersed my self with them. They swiftly but carefully disrobed me, revealing my tiny clit, slender waist, firm butt, and bouncy "A" cup titties. While two of them disposed of the soiled clothes and lingerie in their separate "dry cleaning" and "laundry" chutes, the other two guided me gently up the steps and into the tub laden with frothy bubbles. I was fitted with a pink plastic shower/bath cap to protect my pretty "do" as they lowered me in until all but my neck was submerged in the most sensual bath I could ever imagine!

They surrounded me and four pairs of hands meticulously and sensuously bathed my girlish body, leaving no flesh untouched. The scented bath oils and bubbles softened my skin and smelled sooooo pretty! I was beginning to get aroused; with eight hands fondling and caressing my silky smooth flesh all at once and everywhere, who could’ve blamed me?

Soon the bath was over, much to my disappointment, and I was helped to standing for my rinse. Then two of my lovely attendants helped me step out of the tub into the waiting hands of another attendant who patted me dry with a big, pink, Turkish, fluffy bath towel, wrapping me in its warmth while the fourth angelic blossom removed my protective cap and fussed with my hair.

Chatting gaily and sweetly about what a pretty little girl I was, Emily, Millie, Lacey, and Stacey surrounded and led me into my femmy gorgeous boudoir, helping me to smooth my towel under me and be seated on the revolving red velvet padded stool of my vanity. Spinning me to face her, the adorable Lacey, with the jet black pixie hairstyle and the stunningly beautiful emerald green eyes, worked deftly to remove the last traces of my daytime makeup.

I was spun a quarter turn to the left, where, much to my excitement I came face to clittie with beautiful ashen blonde Emily, who had her frilly white French maid’s skirt and petticoat hiked up, and her silk and lace white panties tucked beneath her balls. "Time to tip the help!" She giggled, grabbing my pigtailed head and shoving her 6" clittie between my girlish lips.

I was in heaven with the second boyclit I’d ever sucked in my life! Suck it I did, with all I had in me. Just as she began to piston in response, Stacey spun me toward herself and fed me her delights! Just as soon as she moaned, Millie spun me facing her to get some deserved attention, and no sooner than I’d felt her boyclit throb in my mouth did Lacey introduce me to her own stiff boyclit!

The service I gave each girl made them squeal and whimper, and the intervals between service calmed them down, prolonging their pleasure, and delaying their climaxes for almost an hour, but finally each of their bells tolled; and they all tolled for me!!! The moment I swallowed each of their loads my eyelashes thickened and grew longer, my waist became smaller, my hips grew larger, and my ball sac tightened and lifted, receding into my scrotal cavity, never to be seen again!

The beautiful satisfied Shemales licked my face clean of any errant goo, with their feminine hands roving my girlish body as they did so. I was getting hungry for more delicious cum!

Sated, my lovely attendants began preparing me for presentation their master; my new Daddy! They’d opted for giving me the virginal Catholic schoolgirl look. While Emily and Millie worked on my face, manicure, and pedicure, Lacey and Stacey set about gathering the outfit I would wear.

I wasn’t allowed mirror privileges yet as I was drawn to my femmy bed where my outfit had been laid out.

Full cut, fuchsia pink, silk Tinkerbelle panties with wide white lace bands embellished with pink rose appliqués at the waist and hips, and encircling the leg openings were held out for me by Lacey low to my girlishly pedicured feet. I supported myself with a dainty feminine hand on her shoulders and stepped into them. She slipped them slow and teasingly up my silky smooth preteen legs, tucked my minuscule clitoris up into my scrotal cavity and tugged the childish panties up ‘round my girlish hips and sexy derriere, patting me sweetly on my firm little buns through the juvenile frilly cream pink and white lace ruffles cascading down my full inviting backside. Emily held the matching training bra/crop top cami vest combo with it’s soft contouring cups over my head and I held my arms up like a little girl for her mommy while she slipped and stretched the material over my budding femmy bust.

I shuddered with pleasure at the exquisite feeling of the developing little girl’s style lingerie hugging and caressing my tender flesh.

Next Millie held out a simple white nylon and lace trimmed half-slip barely 14" long with pink satin piping separating the silk from the lace trimmed bottom, and decorating the waistband as well. I stepped into it as I had my pretty panties, and she slipped the waistband up over my navel. Thus the garment served to tease and tickle the middle of my sexy little thighs. OOOOOh, I could feel my sweet little pussy start itching again!

Emily helped me into my white satin blouse with sheer tulle cap sleeves tied at the bottom with pretty red satin ribbon bows. It had a Peter Pan collar trimmed with red satin piping, and a button-on tiered red lace cravat that nestled on my slight but visible cleavage. It buttoned down the front with faux, Fire Opal buttons.

Stacey wrapped my curvy waist with an adorable red tartan accordion pleated skirt with a wide black leather belt and a sliver buckle sporting a large red plastic heart in the center if it’s engraved design.

Lacey had me sit on the pink satin comforter and slipped sheer white lace knee hi stockings up my taut calves and up to my pretty knees, leaving them exposed for the world to see. The stockings had red satin bows in the front on top.

Mille then slipped a shiny black pair of black patent Mary Jane’s with red lace bows on the straps onto my feet, buckling them securely in place. They had a modest two-inch wedge heel.

Emily finished off my outfit by fitting a red glitter French beret loosely upon my golden curls, pinning it in place to assure it did not fall when I’d turn or tilt my pretty head.

Now it was time as we girls say, to "accessorize!" The girls fit me with a ruby and diamond heart shaped ring, matching pendant necklace on a dainty silver serpentine chain, dangling earrings, matching charm bracelet and an anklet to match my bracelet! Finally, I was given a tiny red glitter shoulder purse to match my beret, and a big fluffy white teddy bear with pink satin ear linings, paw linings heart shaped nose, and a red satin bow around her neck.

As I clutched her to my cocked hip, as though a young girl might hold a baby on hers, I was finally allowed the privilege of seeing myself in the mirror.

Indeed it was a privilege, for I’d never seen a more beautiful and enchanting little schoolgirl in my life!!! I was like totally dying for Daddy to see how pretty and sexy his new little girl was!!!

Just then Mistress Tasha walked into the room. She looked regal in a tea length red satin body-hugging nightgown with a plunging v neckline displaying her ample and beautiful cleavage. She wore a sheer gauzy red robe that trailed slightly behind her, trimmed along her neck and torso with a wide band of lace. The sleeves were long, flowing, and draping some 12" from her wrists and also trimmed with same wide band of red lace. A red satin sash tied the robe closed about her in a big sexy bow.

She eyed me intently and I managed a curtsey still holding Bambi Bear (the name I gave my new baby). "We’ll have to work on that, Prissy dear."

Turning to my four new shemale friends, she said, "Well done, you may leave us now." All four curtseyed in unison, bowing their heads low before filing quietly out of my room.

Tasha paced slowly around her nervous new little sister, inspecting the look my new friends had given me. Finally she stopped in front of me as I bashfully looked down at my pretty feet.

"Adorable!" my Mistress praised me. "Daddy is going to eat you ALIVE!" she laughed. Giggling, I stuck my index finger’s red manicured nail between my smiling white toothy grin girlishly and replied, "Thank you Mistress, I hope he likes me!"

"Are you ready to give all of yourself to him, submit your will to his, and devote yourself to absolute obedience to his wishes, Prissy Petra?"

Beaming the happiest smile of my life and looking her fearlessly in the eye I replied "More than you can possibly know, Mistress Tasha. I’ve never been more ready for anything in my whole life!"

She kissed me lightly on my full pouty red lips and softly commanded, "then follow me, pretty baby."

I minced behind her in my chunky 2" heels, careful to swing my hips provocatively with each tiny step. Leading me to the vanity, she picked up an atomizer of "Young Innocence" perfume and sprayed it liberally behind my ears, upon my neck, along my bare arms, between by girlish thighs, and along my pretty legs. True to it’s name, the scent would lure the lustful predator to his eager virginal prey like a flame draws a moth to the end of its existence.

"Come child"

I obediently minced behind her out of my suite and down the gothic/erotically decorated hall to the large double doors at the end. Two seven foot tall, muscular, bald black men dressed in leopard skin loincloths swung the doors open wide and admitted us to the Master’s suite.

My handsome blond Nordic Daddy was lounging in his black leather recliner with a martini in one hand and a large jeweled ivory pipe filled with rare opiated Thai hashish in the other. The pleasingly pungent aroma of the smoke permeated the room and delighted my nostrils. He wore a short black silk sarong concealing his matching thong style sling that encased and cradled his massive endowment.

Just as he looked up and smiled warmly at me, the huge mahogany grandfather clock struck twelve. It was midnight; the witching hour.

"There’s my sweet little girl!" he grinned, his eyes reflecting love and burning desire. "Hi, Prissy Petra! Welcome to your new home!"

I was blushing fiercely and smiling shyly when I said as femmy as possible, "Hi Daddy. Thank you! Your home is BEAUTIFUL!"

"Without you here, honey, I’m afraid it’s just a plain old boring house."

I blushed again, but my heart was racing and I couldn’t wipe the happy little girl grin from my pretty red lips.

"Tasha, make your little sister and I a nice stiff drink, please. Then you may leave us."

"Yes Master Daddy!"

"Come here Prissy, twirl around and let me see my sexy little schoolgirl."

Setting Miss Bambi down on a lamp table, I presented myself to my gorgeous new Daddy. I spread my pretty skirt wide and twirled for him as slowly and femmy as possible, turning my head to watch him lustfully survey my little girl body from sexy head to toe with his lust filled eyes.

"MMMMMM I could just kiss and lick you all over, little girl! You’re so pretty and sweet! Come over here now and have a seat." He patted his lap invitingly. I minced to him daintily, and, remembering to smooth my pretty skirt under me, seated myself a little more high on his body than I had originally planned, accidentally perching my jiggling little buns upon his hot throbbing scepter! I folded my arms around his neck and gave him a hot wet open mouthed kiss to which he responded in kind, snaking his tongue between my pouty plump red kissy lips and driving it into my hot wet little mouth.

Tasha returned from the wet bar and presented us our drinks, and after we thanked her, she quietly slipped out of the room. Daddy and I sat silently, talking with our eyes as we sipped our martinis. We set our drinks down together and he fired up his illicit bowl. I’d never even so much as smoked impotent homegrown yet and he held the pipe stem to my lips and bade me to inhale. When my lungs could hold no more he bade me to suck in cool air behind the smoke through pursed lips then hold my breath 'til I couldn’t stand it anymore. Instantly I felt a rush of euphoric bliss, relaxation, and intense sexual arousal, slowly exhaling through my nose then wiggling my virgin butt upon his engorged manhood. He moaned and set his pipe down.

As we sipped our drinks, we chatted about the events of my long day, my flight home, my beautiful suite; how he’d had it remodeled just for me, and how much I dearly loved it. We finished our drinks as the grandfather clock chimed off the quarter hour and without further adieu this awesome hunk raised the recliner to normal, cradled me in his arms and stood as I encircled his strong neck with my slender little arms.

He strode with me across the sitting room and down the hall, and over the threshold like I were his blushing bride. It was a circular room with a thick lead crystal dome centered over a revolving round waveless waterbed, with black satin sheets and a matching crushed velvet comforter, blood red lace dust ruffle, and crushed blood red velvet pillow shams. The full moon centered above the top of the dome, beaming a cone of ghostly moonlight to envelope the rotating bed. Soft new age mood music came from speakers in the walls all around his boudoir. The sounds of rain, softly rolling thunder, and rippling streams accompanied the instrumentals. Still holding me in his arms he sat on the slowly spinning bed and kissed me hungrily, devouring my youthfully girlish lips with his firm masculine ones.

Losing my last bit of control, I gripped his awesome erection through the silk of his black sling and sarong, kneading it, and needing it desperately. He broke off our kiss and set me on my knees in the center of the bed.

Whilst I knelt, and lovingly stroked the central object of my wanton lust, he unbuttoned the lacy cravat if my blouse then slowly undid each of my faux fire opal buttons. He peeled my pretty blouse off my shoulders and down my arms as gently as a woman unwraps a present when she doesn’t wish to damage the wrapping and what it may conceal.

I slipped my hands out of the sleeves and he tossed my blouse aside. His big strong hands slid up my arms, over my shoulders and around my slender neck as he drew me to him for another long, wet, impassioned kiss. I closed my lovely eyes, inhaling deeply the scent of his masculine spice cologne as we kissed, and kissed, and…….kissed. I was soooo much in love! I like never wanted this moment to end, EVER!

We continued to kiss as his large hands fell to cup my pert preteen breasts through the soft filmy material of my Tinkerbelle training bra, rolling my adamantine hot little nipples betwixt his thumbs and forefingers. I whimpered longingly around his probing tongue as he fondled me. I finally felt loved, I finally felt like I belonged, belonged to

HIM! His hands roamed the curves of my waist, seeking out the fastener that would open my little schoolgirl skirt. Finding it, he unhooked it and removed it, tossing it to join my blouse in the dark hidden recesses of our love nest.

He broke off our kiss and laid me gently back on the center of the bed, tugging my childish silky bra up over my pert baby boobies, head and up off my arms. The soft white moonlight made my titflesh appear pale, and my aching hard conical nipples seemed to glow with their heat! I reached up to untie his sarong, and imitating his methods slowly peeled the sensuous garment off of his totally awesome toned upper body tossing it into the darkness to join the clothes he had stripped me of.

While exploring my curvaceous lover body through silk and nylon, and stroking my bare flesh, Daddy engulfed my firm little ripe titty in his eagerly hot mouth, teething it gently, scraping my young titflesh with his teeth and drawing back to playfully bite and chew my hard pink nipple. I cried out with pleasure, as any young girl would have under these circumstances. I felt his hands under me, having found their way up my slip and ‘round my ruffle pantied bottom, squeezing my firm buns tightly with his huge hands. His silk encased cock pressed into the stocking sheathed calf of my right leg as he moved to adore my tiny left breast in the same manner he had adored my right.

My panties were completely soaked now with my feminine emissions and I raised and spread my knees to give him better access to my wet panty clad buns. Sensing the emptiness I felt there, Daddy stroked my sphincter-clit through my panties with his middle finger, and then he penetrated my love tunnel to the depth of his nail, pushing my panties into it along with his fingernail. I sobbed and my juices gushed, I shook from head to toe as I erupted from my rectum with a volcanic feminine orgasm!

He pushed my slip up ‘round my tiny waist and grasped my pretty panties at both hips. I rose up to allow him to tug the flimsy garment down off of me. He left them dangling on my right ankle.

Without further hesitation he gripped my legs under my lower thighs and pushed my knees up to my breasts, diving for my virginal wet rosebud. He engulfed my small orifice and the adjoining clitoris in his hot eager mouth, sucking like a madman starved in his asylum.

I had never been able to define the word rapture before this moment, but now its definition came to mind with such clarity as you cannot conceive. Stars collided causing supernovas within the depths of my being. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire, and every cell of my body responded in kind. I had never before felt so alive!

His tongue rolled over my sphincter and clit, and then probed its way inside of my honey hole, delving deep into the recesses of my cherry love tunnel. I grabbed his head and thrust my hips up again and again, meeting his probing tongue with the same rhythm in my thrusts.

With my thrusts my little boobies bounced, their stiff hot nipples brushing against my knees that were held there by my studly Daddy. I was squealing with joy and whimpering with girlish passion! My juices flowed over his face, lips, and tongue, as he tenderly and lovingly ate my pussy. When he took my anal clit between his teeth and gently nibbled it my body convulsed from head to toe, and I shook with the violence of a multiple orgasm, screaming "I’m cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmiiiinnnnngggg DAAAADDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

His face and hair were soaked with the gushing flow of my juices as wave upon wave of incredible passion crashed through me. He continued eating my pussy with exuberance until I, at last, came down from heaven. He moved up my body and straddled my pretty face, unsnapping his sling and tossing it aside, un-trapping the huge 12" erection concealed within.

Without prompting, I puckered up my shiny red lips and kissed it all over, smooching and smacking while all the time declaring my undying love for him. I gently licked the tender glans just beneath his cockhead with my little pink tongue, then swirled it round the huge purple helmet shaped head. He groaned and pushed it past my painted lips, and I suckled like a baby on her mommy’s breast, reaching up with both of my dainty little hands to squeeze and stroke his huge throbbing love muscle as I nursed greedily on the tip of his fabulous dick.

He grabbed my hair gently on either side of my head and began reining my mouth up and down his shaft, It tasted wonderful and the heat of it filled my mouth. His clean but strong musky odor combined with that of his masculine perspiration making me feel heady and light. I pulled back to swirl my tongue around his hot dickhead, catching a dollop of his salty precum as it dribbled from his flexing pee slit. He pulled away from me and resumed eating my little hot pussy once more. I mewled and squeaked and writhed under his loving ministrations until I could take it no more.

"Make love to me now Daddy, please? I want to feel you inside me!" I whispered, pulling at his shoulders. Daddy got into position, his cock laying over my soft little boyclit. Oh Gawd how was I going to be able to take all of that huge monster??!!?

He lifted my legs and rested my stocking sheathed ankles, with panties dangling from one and jeweled anklet on the other, on each of his broad shoulders. I looked up at him lovingly and then down between my pretty thighs to watch him grab hold of his mammoth love club and rub the tip up and down the divide of my buttocks, making several passes of my newly formed anal pussy before pulling aside one of my firm cheeks and aiming it at the entrance to my hot baby cunny.

I had heard horror stories from the kids at school about the pain of first time anal sex and I prepared myself for it but as he leaned into it and slowly penetrated me my fears were replaced by the greatest physical and spiritual pleasure I had ever known. There was no pain at all, only intense pleasure and desire for more! He moved in slowly and my anus swallowed his pliant purple helmet, gripping it in warm welcome!!! He gasped and halted for a moment, feeling my pussy repeatedly grip and relax on his huge dickhead.

"Oh Daddy YES!!! You feel sooooo good inside me!"

"UMMM you do too, sweetheart, so tight!"

"Gimme more Daddy, please??!!?" I pleaded with urgency, lifting my little hips to urge my wee cunny further over his thick throbbing shaft. Releasing his cock he now used both hands to spread my girly buns wider and accommodated my request, careful not to damage me as he slowly and gently snaked his way inside of me.

Leaning forward he lifted my hips higher off the bed, then shifting his weight to his arms on either side of me he slowly drove himself all the way in, past my prostate with the previously untouched clitoris bearing witness of his passage.

I cried out loudly with joy. Then for some reason George Carlin’s line about the "one eyed wonder worm fishing for brown trout" came to mind and I giggled. I hoped he didn’t catch any!

Soon he came to rest, with his heavy ball sac melding with my tailbone. My pussy flexed along his entire shaft, and his cock twitched and throbbed all over. I wiggled under him and wrapped my arms around his neck, and smiling through tears of joy I said "please daddy, please fuck me now!"

Needing no further urging, Daddy pulled back his hips, withdrawing his colossal dong from the depths of my flexing canal, his shaft and cockhead teasing both my femmy clits at once. I whimpered. His warhead remained inside, and waited, poised for the launch.

3, 2, 1! He drove into me, HARD! I squealed ecstatically as he fucked me hard and fast, giving me the full length of his masterful manhood with each thrust, his balls slapping my tailbone hard with each thrust as he pistoned and pummeled my virgin little hole.

Surely my passion could be heard all over the third floor as I squealed, squeaked, moaned, and cried out for more, deeper and faster! Oh why couldn’t I have been born a girl in this family? My pleasure intensified with each thrust, emanating from both my anus and prostate in concentric waves throughout the rest of my diminutive feminine body.

Little waves became big ones, big ones became breakers, and breakers merged becoming a Tsunami, building to a crescendo in the core of my being. More fireworks went off in my head than the fourth of July and Chinese New Year combined! Every cell in my body seemed to explode and then be consumed by the fire they generated, beyond that I cannot describe the intensity of the orgasms I was experiencing. There are no words in any known language that could be adequate to describe the pleasure and joy I was feeling. An epileptic seizure is mild compared to the convulsions racking my petite slender frame!!!!

"OH Gawd YES Dadeeee fuck me!!!! FUCK ME!!!!" I screamed "I’m

CUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!" Orgasm after orgasm rolled over me, and my rectum nursed my hunky daddy’s love muscle to it’s own explosion.

Instantly soft pink light enveloped my tummy and groin. I felt ovaries form on the sides of my new uterus and as more of his semen gushed into my bowels labia were formed where my ball sac once was, and my boyclit formed into a delicate female clit under it’s own protective hood.

My cravings for semen started at that moment. I wanted more, and very soon!




Chapter Six

"The Pleasure Of Service"


The pink luminous glow evaporated in the moonlight rising up into it in vaporous curling tendrils until vanishing from sight. Daddy curled me up in his arms and rolled me on my side spooning my lower body up in his crotch and connecting the bare flesh of his chest and abdomen to the length of the naked soft skin of my back.

I curled my arms around his and twisted around to kiss him passionately. We kissed long and tenderly in the afterglow of our magical lovemaking, then with the warmth of his body the adventures and excitement of the day took their toll and I drifted off to a sound and blissful slumber.

We slept late and the sunlight flooded through the lead crystal dome, bathing us under the thick velvet comforter with its heat. We woke together and Daddy, wiping the slumber from his eyes called out "Computer?"

"Yes Master?"

"Polarize the dome please, two thirds."

The dome began to darken; reducing the sunlight’s brilliance to one third it’s original intensity. He smiled at me and said "It pays to be rich, my pretty girl!"

I giggled and pecked him on the cheek. "I love you Daddy!"

"And I love you, my sweet." He replied kissing me passionately once again. I was hungry, but not for food. My body tingled all over with need and I pulled away from him, crawling in just my sweaty half-slip and knee-hi stockings to seek out my prize. There it was, lying on his belly, a full ten inches of glory rising and lengthening quickly to the occasion. I grasped it with my right hand, gripping and releasing as I slowly stroked the length of it, up and down, up and down, mesmerized by its attraction and deliciously desirous of the rewards it would produce.

Now fully erect, his twelve-inch spear commanded my attention, and I obeyed. I planted hot, wet, and open-mouthed kisses, first ‘round his pee hole, then all over his pulsing shaft and heavy balls. He pulled one of my little legs over him so that I was straddling his head. My limp little ball-less boy-clit dangling above his lips. I licked his balls and in turn he slathered his tongue over my newly formed labia beneath my unwanted appendage, making my whole crotch tingle with never before experienced sensations. I tongued up and down his glorious man meat, tracing the tip of my tongue along its huge pulsing veins. When his cock was slick with my spittle I opened my shiny red lips and stretched them over his purple head, forcing my mouth down the length of his beautiful dick as far as it would go. Meanwhile, back at my crotch, Daddy engulfed my pretty pink boyclit in his mouth, sucking like a madman.

I bobbed up and down on his huge wiener, sucking on the downstroke and swirling my tongue ‘round the heated shaft on the upstroke. With one hand I cupped and fondled his heavy balls and with the other I daintily stroked the manhood my pretty mouth could not attend.

Still sucking my limp and useless boyclit he gripped my left butt cheek and pulled it aside, driving the middle finger of his right hand deep into my well-lubricated anus. I squealed and came instantly, sending a torrent of youthful girly goo down his gulping throat as I sucked him fervently.

Daddy moaned and began pumping his hips toward me, he froze and convulsed, groaning deeply as his manhood twitched and exploded rivers of alkaline goo into my pretty little mouth. I gulped and swallowed, stroking him with both hands as he gushed thick streams of his essence down my throat. It was too much, some squirted out of my nose like a big glob of snot all over his balls, gleaming like a newly formed pearl on a tan velvet cloth.

When the last rivulet was milked from him my body took on more subtle changes, my ears became smaller, my eyes somewhat bigger yet more almond shaped, my lashes thicker and darker, and my irises turned to same piercing smoky blue color both Daddy and Tasha had. And, as I relished the taste of my beloved Daddy’s spunk, my hunger grew.

Daddy rolled me off of him and said "Time to earn your brunch my pet." Finding his black silk sarong he wrapped and tied it loosely about him, then left to summon the two guards at the door. Similarly clad and looking much like the beefy black guards that had admitted my Mistress and myself last night, the two cocksmen approached my tiny prone feminine form sprawled on the black velvet comforter atop the bed. I scrambled up on my knees, and grabbed a big pillow to conceal my jiggling breasts and groin.

One of the black men smiled and said "Easy there, little lady, nobody gonna do no harm!" He said in a soft, soothing voice. Both men dropped their loincloths displaying their huge thick endowments that were rising to the occasion in full glory!

Instantly my nipples became hot and erect, and my rectal cunny began getting wet and itchy. Besides, I hadn’t fed on enough cum yet, had I?

As they made their way to both ends of my outstretched body jungle drum rhythms reverberated from the concealed speakers in the walls. My heart rate beat with the drums as the first guard knelt before me, sat on his ankles and lifted me to kneeling on all fours as the second black stud mounted the bed and knelt behind me.

Okuna lifted me to an upright position, cradling my pretty little face as he sweetly and sensuously soul kissed me, probing and tasting my sweet cherry lips with his tongue while Bogatu tongued and licked my neck and throat. Both nibbled either ear as their hands roamed freely and expertly over my girlish naked body, touching me, caressing me, exploring zones I never knew were there! I whimpered, I mewled, I sobbed, I groaned, I begged them to take me.

They obliged.

Okuna’s big chocolate log of love was uncircumcised and bouncing in front of my tiny nose! I inhaled his rich musk then looked bashfully up at him through my long pretty lashes as I puckered up and timidly kissed his exposed pee-hole, daringly running my tongue over it through the opening of his foreskin. He groaned and lifted his cock, thrusting toward me in a physical demand for more oral cock worship. Who am I to disobey?

I kissed and tongued his entire length, no millimeter did I leave untouched with my oral adoration. I tingled all over as though every cell of my body were being stimulated electrically when Bogatu chose the moment to gently but unceremoniously enter my cave of passion!

Supernovae exploded in my head, my pleasure was elevated a hundred-fold. Voluntary initiative went off-line, and my body responded solely on automation, surrendering entirely to the sensations coursing around and throughout my feminized form.

It was clear they knew they we’re pleasing me, but my pleasure was only a by-product of their goal to release their seed inside of me and have it consume me.

The drumbeat grew louder and faster, and so the tempo of their impassioned thrusts, driving me to peaks un-reached by human hand! This was INCREDIBLE! There are no words that can define the explosive myriad of thoughts and images cascading through my brain.

My body quaked with a force off the Richter scale and I screamed like a banshee in heat, surely I was heard all over Daddy’s sprawling estate. By the time my third rope of girlgoo flooded my panties my lovers reached their peaks, and filled me copiously with their love.

It felt like a fire hose was flooding my bowels with Bogatu’s jism while Okuna’s black Mambo fired torrential rivers down my throat. I had to gulp so fast I thought I would swallow my larynx! Suddenly the sensory input overwhelmed me and I cried out with my second all consuming multiple orgasm of the day! My tiny limp boyclit shot sissy-jism all over the inside of my slip while Bogatu kept putting the hammer down, ramming my sore baby pussy with his hot massive cum cannon!

Drained, the three of us collapsed on the bed, and I spent most of the afternoon sleeping sandwiched between my masterful dark chocolate lovers.

If this what was "Service" was, I was gonna be doing it with a big horny smile!

When I awoke I was saddened to see I was all alone. No trace of my wonderful hunks remained, but before I had time to dwell on my disappointment my four new girlfriends who had attended me the previous night, came in wearing uniforms. They drew me to my feet and each kissed me warmly, tweaking my nipples, caressing my pretty little boobies and fondling my slip sheathed little bunsies.

Breaking away from their kissing, each took a hand or arm and the four of them swept me from Daddy’s suite; clutching Miss Bambi loosely in hand; and down the hall into mine. Soon I was once again luxuriating in a bubble bath they had prepared. This time my hair was shampooed and conditioned, and of course I sucked them all with gratitude. When Emily was the last to fill my throat with my craved gooey nutrients, my aureoles enlarged to a size two-thirds of a silver dollar, swelled exotically, and became very sensitive and sore. My hair became fuller, thicker, and three inches longer. I felt warmth, and things beneath and within my breasts re-arrange and reshape themselves. I felt things grow there I never had. Instinctively I knew I would soon be giving milk.

While at my vanity, Millie attended to my make up like an artist with her canvas, and Emily styled my hair with the skill and exuberance of a high dollar Beverly Hills Stylist, Stacey and Lacey carefully selected and set out my late afternoon/evening attire. Afterwards all four lovely lasses pampered me with yet another manicure and pedicure.

While my nails dried, my femmy friends intimated I would be meeting and serving Mistress Mommy this evening, whose slightest whims it was said even Daddy obeyed with diligence. She had been Mistress of the house now for nine years, and was in her late 20’s, though no one knew her exact age.

In my dressing room against one wall was what I could now easily identify as a lacing bar, to which my slender wrists were bound. I was lifted by the bar to tippy-toes, thus thinning my waist as much as naturally possible. Lacey wrapped a pearl white heavily boned satin waist cincher trimmed in snow-white floral lace embellished with pink satin hearts and peach rosettes around me, caressing my upper back with her developing breasts, and playfully fondling my bare ones. After connecting the hook and eye closure in the back, Stacey and Millie set to lacing me up, forcing my body once again to exaggerate my already hourglass curves. Emily then lowered the bar and the other girls helped me to balance as I dizzily tried to breathe.

Once I had regained my balance and composure Emily and Lacey sat me down and began rolling sheer pink seamed silk stockings up my smooth shapely legs. I thrilled at the way the sensuous material teased and caressed every inch of my legs all the way to the thighs, then they had me stand to fit the four dangling garter straps to the stockings, adjusting the tension for just the right tug and support. No matter how I moved I felt their constant sensual tugging. Millie fit me with a front closure strapless demi Wonderbra almost matching my cincher but trimmed in pink floral lace, and Stacey helped me step into matching panties befitting a toddler, with rows of pink lace ruffles cascading down the bottom.

Over these I was fitted with sheer pink chiffon off-the shoulder peasant blouse trimmed on the edges with a flounce of floral white lace. A bow of white satin with long trailing leads rested daintily within my cleavage. The matching skirt hung low on my hips and high on my legs, falling barely inches below my stocking tops.

As they led me to stand before the full-length mirror I squealed! I twisted and turned, admiring how my curvaceous body flattered my lovely mix of youthful and sexy lingerie. My permed hair in back had been swept up and to the right side of my head, affixed there with a little silver comb. My hair in front formed a stylish flip that hung low over my left eye, causing me to frequently flip my head with feminine grace to clear my obstructed vision, or whisk it back with my pretty pink nailed left hand. As I turned my head to and fro, the strands of my curled side playfully tickled my bare smooth shoulder.

I loved the way my earrings bounced and how together with my necklace and ring they complimented my outfit. As Lacey fitted me with my matching bracelet Emily traced a fingernail over my navel.

"OOOOOOh Prissy! What a cute bellybutton! You should get it pierced like a lot of girls OUR age are doing!" She exclaimed. " I think it would look soooo sexy!"

I looked at it in the mirror. "Really? You think I should, Emily"

"Ohhh YESSS!!!" She gushed "Guys won’t know what to keep their eyes on! Your pretty face, your sexy titties, your firm little butt, or your cute little bellybutton!" she giggled.

"OK, maybe I can get Mistress Tasha to take me!" I answered, giggling with her.

Millie slipped on white three-inch heeled fuzzy mules on my stockinged feet giving more definition to my legs and sexy ass, and as I got used to them I posed even more playfully in my mirror, eliciting whistles and praise from my new friends. GAWD! Why couldn’t I have been born to these people? No hatred, no rejection, just love, affection and support!

Stacey took me gently by my dainty hand and said, "C’mon girlfriend, you can’t keep Mistress Mommy waiting!" We both giggled as she led me by the hand down the hall to the elevator with the other girls close behind.

Amazingly the elevator slid sideways through an enclosed horizontal shaft before opening on yet another corridor of the third floor. This one’s appointments were equal in stature yet decidedly more femme. I hesitated at the elevator door in sudden apprehension.

"C’mon Prissy!" Lacey exclaimed, "It’ll be all right honey! You’ll find out why everyone just loves her, that is" she smiled knowingly "if you’re a good little girl".

I planned on being a very good little girl!


End Part One

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