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The Neighbor

by Jennifer White


I was out mowing my lawn, when I finally saw my new neighbor. I had seen the moving truck last week, and had seen lights on in the house, but I hadn't met my neighbor yet. Being so busy with work during the day, and my girlfriend Mia in the evenings, I just hadn't had time yet. But today was Saturday, so here I was doing yard work.

He was a big guy, even larger than me. You could tell he worked out. I wasn't scrawny by any means, but this guy was *built*. It made me think of highschool football, when I'd get nailed by some big goon like this. That was how I broke my collarbone, and ended my football career before it started.


So anyway, I finally saw the guy. He waved hello, so I turned off the mower, an walked over to the driveway where he was standing.

"Hi, I'm Ed" I said, extending my hand.

"I'm Rob" he replied, shaking hands with me.

His hands were big too, and he had one of those too-firm handshakes, where it feels like your hand is getting crushed.

"Nice to finally meet you" I said.

"Thanks, same here. Nice neighborhood. Have you lived here long?"

"Three years" I said.

"That's cool. Do you have a family, or is it just you?"

"Nope, just me. But sometimes my girlfriend hangs out here too. How about you?"

"No, I'm divorced."

"I'm sorry" I said.

"Hey, not your fault. Anyway, I was going to cook some burgers tonight. Why don't you come by to watch the game, and have a few brews?"

"Sounds cool" I said. "Mia is visiting her mom, so I don't have any plans tonight."

"Okay, see you about six."

"Thanks" I said, making a mental note to go to the store and buy some beer.


* * *


That evening, I showed up at Rob's place a little after six. I had a twelve pack of beer in my hand, which Rob took and put into the refrigerator. We went outside to his back deck, and ate the burgers he had cooked up, while we talked about sports, and all sorts of other things.

After dinner, we went inside, and turned on the game. Rob went to the kitchen, and returned with two frosty mugs of beer.

"This tastes different" I said.

"Oh, I didn't use your beer. This is a local microbrew that I like. What do you think of it?"

"It has a different taste" I replied.

"That's why I like it. Those mass-produced beers all taste the same to me."


After half a glass, I was used to it. Not too bad actually, but slightly more bitter than I like. But as the game went on, before you know it, I had consumed four or five of them. I guess you just got used to the taste. By the time I started on the sixth one, it no longer seemed bitter to me.


So far, it was a good night. I was having fun, Rob seemed like he'd be a great neighbor, and all was going well. But then something happened to change all of that. Rob came back with some more beers, and he sat down right next to me. Too close for my comfort.

He looked at me, and then put his hand on my knee, and puckered his lips at me.


"What are you doing?" I said, revolted.

"You want me" he said.

"No I don't!" I replied.

I had to get out of there. Now.

"You *will* be mine" he said.


That was it. I couldn't take anymore. I stood up to go. I was sickened, and I felt panic set over me. I *had* to get out of there, right away!

Rob stood up too, in front of me, and held out his hand. As I looked at him, he seemed to be so large, so powerful. It made me feel weak by comparison, something I wasn't used to feeling. As the moments ticked by, somehow I felt weaker and weaker, until I was almost quivering in fear.

With his outstretched hand, I could *feel* that he wanted me closer to him. It was like I could feel him pulling me in closer. I went to take a step, but as I did, I moved just a little nearer to him. And as I did that, I could feel the pull towards him becoming stronger.

You know how it is with a strong magnet; you hold it an inch away from the refrigerator, and you can feel a slight pull. You move it a bit closer, and the pull becomes stronger. Then you reach a certain point, and it almost snaps way from your hand, onto the fridge. In science class, we learned that forces like that increase as a square. So small changes in the distance result in much stronger levels of magnetic attraction.

Well, it was like that with Rob. Just that small bit of space I had moved closer to him, and I could feel the pull increase. My left foot slid forward just a bit. And then my right foot. Now I took a small step. Then a bigger step. I could not help it. I could not stop it. I could not pull away. My head was swimming, as I reached out, and took his hand.


Unlike the manly handshake we had shared in the driveway, this time he used a tender touch. He put my other hand in his, and I moved closer forward, so that our chests were touching. I looked up at him, and I could almost feel the power radiating from him. He leaned down, and gave me a gently kiss on the lips.

As he kissed me, I felt strange. I felt this numbing tingle all over my body, but it was far stronger between my legs, and in my chest. Rob kissed me again, and put his hands on my chest, right where the tingle was coming from.


Rob let go of me, and took a step back. Somehow, he seemed even taller now than I remembered, as if he had grown in stature while we had kissed. The tingling in my chest was fading, and I reached up to touch myself there, to see what was the matter.

I was shocked when my hands met with these small soft mounds of flesh there. Instead of my hard muscles, I had something soft on my chest now.

"What have you done to me?" I asked.

Now I really felt weak. And I really felt scared!


Rob went to the kitchen, and returned with another glass of beer, and a glass of wine.

"You'll be drinking this now" he said, handing me the chardonay.

I needed a drink. I took a deep sip of the cold wine, and felt the buzz as it went down into me. I set the wine glass on the table, and Rob used that opportunity to slap me from behind in the butt. That made me jump! I felt a tingle go through my butt, and between my legs. I was completely terrified!


"You want me, don't you?" said Rob.

"No!!!" I replied.

How could I want him? He was a man. This was sick. This was crazy. I had to get out of there! I felt that panic set in again. Imagine that you've got fear of heights, and that you're looking over the edge of a cliff, high up on a mountain, with no guardrails. That was how I felt.


"You want to be my girl" he said now, which made me totally freeze up. Be his girl? No! I watched with wide eyes, as he came close to me again, looming over me.

"Kiss me" he said.


I felt that magnetic pull again from him. I struggled to resist, but I was powerless. He was too strong, and no matter what I did, I couldn't stop it. I reached forward, and put my hands onto his strong chest. My body pressed into his. I could feel that he was hard between his legs, and I could feel him poking me, even through his jeans and mine. I opened my mouth, and leaned my head back, as he kissed me again.

Immediately, that tingle hit me, all over my body. It was the strongest between my legs again, and in my chest. He reached around me, and patted me on the butt, which caused that area to tingle too.


When Rob stepped back, now I was sure that he was taller than before we had kissed. But then I noticed something: I was stepping on the cuffs of my jeans. He wasn't getting bigger; I was getting smaller!!

And to make matters worse, when I looked down, the two soft bumps on my chest had grown considerably. Now they didn't seem like small fatty bumps; now they were starting to look like boobs. I reached down between my legs to feel myself there, and while I felt a bulge between my legs, it seemed a *lot* smaller than normal.

It was then that I realized what was happening: with each contact I had with Rob, I was becoming less and less

like a man. I was becoming more and more like a girl.


Rob walked to a closet by the door, reached inside, and walked back to me with something in his hand. I looked at it. It was a skirt. It was white, with ruffles in three tiers laying one on top of the other. He held it out towards me.

"I'm not wearing that!" I said.

"I like my girls to be in skirts" he said.

Rob held it out now, closer to me. I felt my hand starting to move towards the skirt, instead of doing what *I* wanted it to do (which was nothing!). It was like my hand was being drawn magnetically to the skirt, the way that I had been drawn to Rob.

I reached out, and took the skirt from him. I took it in both hands, feeling the soft fabric. I held it down in front of me, next to my body, and it looked to be just the right size. I found myself kicking off my shoes, undoing my belt, and letting my jeans slide off of me. They were way to big for me now, and they just fell off. I stepped into the skirt, and pulled it up. I looked down, as it encircled me. The three tiers of ruffles looked very pretty and very feminine.

It was at that moment that I noticed my reflection in the mirror. How was it that I had a slight curve to my hips? I turned to the side. Was my butt bigger now? How could that be? And worst of all; there was barely any bulge between my legs in the front.


"You look very pretty in your skirt" said Rob.

My heart pounded. He was right in front of me. Again, the magnetic pull took hold of me, and I leaned forward into him. He seemed so powerful, so strong. And I was so weak. I could not resist him. I gave in, and kissed him. I hadn't put up nearly as much of a fight this time. I couldn't.

I felt the tingle in my body again, and I could almost feel the bumps on my chest getting larger. He was kissing me, and I was turning into a girl.


Now Rob went to the closet, and returned with a box. He reached inside, and handed me a white bra.

"You need some support now" he said. "Your chest is really starting to fill in."

I looked down. It was true. I had boobs now, unmistakably. They had to be bigger than Mia's already. She was a 38B, so I had to be at least a C cup I guessed. I could barely even try to resist, as he handed me the bra. I took my shirt off, and put the bra into place on my chest.

As I closed it in the back and let go, I could feel it supporting my new boobs. I could feel the shoulder straps digging in, as they supported the weight of my chest. My chest was hairless now somehow, and looking down, all I could see was the bra, and the white skirt below it.

Rob handed me a pink tank top, with straps just wide enough to hide the bra straps. I put it on, and admired myself in the mirror. My chest looked good. My boobs were nice, big and full.


No! Wait! I didn't want them! Why would I admire them? What was he doing to my mind? Again, I was gripped in fear. It wasn't just my body that he was changing, but he was doing something to my mind as well. As he reached out for me, I took his hand, and again we kissed. This time, I could feel myself put something into it, rather than just passively getting kissed.

I tingled all over, stronger than before, and it really ramped up when he put his tongue into my mouth. I felt a crushing weakness envelope me, as if I was melting into his arms.


"A girl should be wearing panties" said Rob.

He went into the box, and handed me a pair of white panties that matched the bra. There was a little pink bow on the front, and they were thong style. I reached under my skirt, and my boxers easily slid off, since they were too large for me now. I stepped into the panties, and pulled them up. I patted myself in the front, between my legs, once they nestled into place. I was flat there.

That sent a shiver through me. I no longer had a penis. Now I had a pussy.


"Don't think that you'll be keeping your panties on too long" said Rob. "Soon you'll be taking them off for me, so I can get inside you."

That made me almost jump backwards. Inside me? I was a girl now, and this strong, powerful, handsome man was going to penetrate me? I couldn't help myself as I fell into his arms again, and we kissed. I felt that tingle again, but this time, it was different. It seemed to concentrate around my head.


When he released me, I looked in the mirror. I had a pretty face now. When had that happened? I had long blonde hair now. My shoulders looked smaller. My arms were skinny. My wrists were tiny, as were my fingers. I realized that in every way, I was a girl now.


"Why don't you put on some makeup, Sara?" said Rob.

I noticed a makeup kit on the table, and a mirror, which he had removed from the box. My face looked too plain. I needed makeup. I sat down, and started to apply it. It was only as I was doing my mascara, that I realized something: he ha called me Sara.

Sara. That was my name now. Yes. I was Sara. I continued to add makeup to my face, until I felt pretty enough. I felt naked without at least some lipstick and some mascara. I didn't want my man to see me like that, my face all plain.


"You are my girl now, Sara" said Rob.

"Mmmm, yes" I said, running over to him, and throwing my arms around him. "And you're my man."


Why was I saying this? What had he done to my mind? I wasn't Sara! I wasn't a woman! I was Ed. I was a man! I needed to get away from him before it was too late! But when he leaned over to kiss me, I just melted into his arms.

We shared a deep passionate kiss. He put his tongue inside my mouth, and I felt a new tingle this time. It wasn't me changing anymore; I was completely female now. This tingling was different. It was my, getting wet between my legs. He was so strong and powerful. His tender kisses and the way he touched me, was getting me aroused.

"You want me, don't you?" he said.

"Oh yes, big boy" I said eagerly. "Take me. I'm yours."


Rob led me by the hand to his bedroom. I was trembling, as he started to undress me. He was a wonderful lover. He really took care of me. He went slow, he went easy, and he really knew how to get a woman aroused. He sucked on my nipples, which just drove me crazy! He spread my legs, and went down on me.

By the time he was ready to enter me, I had already come three times! And as he filled the empty space between my legs with his huge wonderful penis, I just felt this amazing feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. I came twice more when he was inside me. He didn't rush, and he was able to go for almost fifteen minutes before I felt the warm splash of his fluids start to leak back out of me.

I needed a tissue to wipe it up, there was so much of it. We kissed and hugged afterwards, and talked for hours, on into the night.

"You're going to have my baby now" he said. "You are pregnant."

I was so happy. I fell asleep in his arms.


* * *


The next morning, I cooked breakfast for Rob, while I was still in the pretty nightie he bought me. I put on a pair of tight fitting jeans, a strapless bra and a cami top, and I was just finishing my makeup, when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it honey" I said.

I opened the door, to see a pretty woman there. I could see her checking me out. I was rather bust, and my cami really showed off my cleavage. I could tell she was jealous of me. But something about her was familiar.

"Hello" I said.

"Hi" she replied. "I'm Mia."

"Sara" I said. "It's nice to meet you. What can I do for you?"

"Well, my boyfriend Ed lives next door, but he's not there. He said something about coming over here last night, to watch the game with... was it, Rob?"

"Yes. It *is* Rob. Hold on a moment."


I went to the den, where Rob was.

"Baby, did you watch the game with the guy next door last night?"

"Yeah" said Rob, not looking up from his newspaper. "He left right before you came over."


I went back to the front door, to relay the news.

"So you never saw Ed?" she said.

"I've never seen him in my life honey. Is your boyfriend cute?"

"Yes" she said, smiling. "And he's really nice."

"That's so sweet" I said. "You'll have to introduce me to him some time."

"Okay, thanks for checking" said Mia, as she turned to leave.


I shut the door, and went back inside. I had wasted too much time with all this girl-talk. I wanted to go see my man. He had taken care of me, so I wanted to take care of him now. I was a woman in love, and I was pregnant with his baby. I smiled. What more could a woman ask for?




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