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A Woman’s Thoughts About Her Sissy               by: A Happy Wife


Not all women would want a sissy.

Even if you enjoy having one, you should hold him in some contempt.

(When I have my sissy all dressed up I like to just look at him and shake my head. I like to let him know he is less than a man.)

I never have sex with him when he is as sissy.

I never allow him complete masculine attire.

Once a sissy has worn panties he will always wear panties.

A sissy should carry a purse.

A sissy should get his nails professionally done every two weeks.

A sissy, when allowed to wear pants must wear ladies pants.

A sissy must only wear pretty shoes.

A sissy need's some make up at all times.

A sissy should be shown to other women


(Your power over him should be demonstrated in public.)

A sissy should wear a bra at all times.

A sissy must accept the fact that, as a healthy woman you will need sex from a man.

A sissy must be gracious to your men friends.

If the sissy is humiliated around your friends he will just have to tough it out.


(A little humiliation from your friends builds character in a sissy)

A sissy should be dressed as a child from time to time to reinforce your control over him.

If a man spends the night, he should expect to have pressed slacks, ironed shirt and polished shoes presented to him by the sissy.

A sissy must learn to give a good foot rub. Your men friends might enjoy one too after a hard day.

A sissy must learn to control erections and ejaculations, even if that means the wearing of a chastity device.

A sissy never questions your orders.

A sissy must look down in your presence.

A sissy must accept punishment.

When wearing a dress it is up to you whether the sissy passes as a woman or not.


(I often enjoy my sissy’s discomfort when I don’t allow passing)

A sissy does all the housework.


(I cook sometimes because I like to)

A sissy has no need for privacy.

A punishment should be painful and be humiliating at the same time.

Any opening in the sissy’s body is for your pleasure.

These are just some random thoughts I wrote down while watching my husband clean the house. He will be taking his bath soon and will be wearing "men’s " clothing when he finishes. I put men’s in quotation marks because nothing that he wears is really men’s. Today he will wear white nylon panties and a sanitary pad, a white bra with B cup forms in the cups, women’s faded blue jeans over stockings, Bass burgundy penny loafers, a white silk tee tucked in to the jeans and a brown and silver belt, in his pierced ears diamond studs, a silver chain and pendant, rings and bracelets and a women’s watch, his nails are done his hair will be worn up, and he will be without make up today and he will of course carry his purse. He knows this look is very sissy and the humiliation is somewhat intense for him. He also knows from past experience that any protest will only make things worse for him. The last time he complained about the penny loafers being too feminine I made him wear black patent Mary Janes. When he said the jeans were too short and showed too much shoe I put him in Capri’s. So now he has learned to just wear what he has been given and be thankful. His life really isn’t all bad, he has other sissy friends and he is taking a adult dance class with some ladies. He says he hates that because they all tease him about his clothes and shoes, but I think he secretly likes it. I have promised him that I would find a male for him to have sex with. Oh he gets all panicked about that and flutters around saying NO NO Mistress not that!! But I know that’s just an act. Besides he needs to learn what men like sexually. I would love to see him on his knees for the right man. Despite his protesting I think it would be good for him. He protested about having my mother see him all dressed up but he lived through it. She does have a mean streak though and when she takes him for a weekend he can be sure of spending some time in one of his little girl party dresses. She likes to dress him all up and take him to meet her friends then go to lunch. I almost feel sorry for the big silly thing but hey, if mom likes it why the hell not? Well I have rambled on long enough I have a date tonight and when the sissy is out of the bathroom I need to get dressed.

A Happy Wife


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